Denla British School Launches Pre-EY1 Center DBS Mini Dragons Highlights on English Language - Well-Rounded Development - Social Interactions - Promise to Pave Way for Young Kids to Grow Up into Quality Happy Leaders

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Bangkok--18 Oct--Denla British School (DBS)
  • Programme quality guaranteed by 100% highly-qualified native English speaking teachers, plus Play-Based Learning that allows kids to learn happily for maximum potential development in 7 aspects

Denla British School (DBS), a premium international school that implements an enhanced British curriculum from the best practice of independent schools from the UK, has now expanded its educational services to cover pre-EY1 level through the launch of "DBS Mini Dragons". This new programme is designed to lay down solid foundation for children to move further to Pre-Prep level with quality. Positioning itself as Southeast Asia's best international school, DBS has decided to introduce its pre-EY1 programme in 2019 in response to new-generation parents' wish to develop their children at a very young age so that they can study better and faster at Pre-Prep level.

DBS Mini Dragons, a Pre-EY1 centre, embraces EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) in providing young children with English communication skills, physical development, and social interactions through fun activities that are appropriate for those aged between two and three years old. Content are prepared to ensure pre-school children fast develop useful skills that will help them learn efficiently at Pre-Prep level.

The First 1-3 Years are Golden Time for Learning

Dr. Toryos Pandejpong, the founder and executive director of the Denla British School (DBS), says researches from across the world suggest the first 1-3 years of life are the golden time for children's learning, intellectual development and creativity. During the period, brain develops by the minute. This means opportunities will be significantly wasted if children between one and three years of age are not properly developed during this time. In fact, children in this age group must receive support from not just parents but also teachers specialized in the development of young children so that their brains achieve fullest potential. Each part of the brain has different functions such as perceptual organization, sensory learning, picture/word comprehension, emotions, and social learning. When these brain functions coordinate, the first one-to-three-year children can do quite many things. For example, they will be able to use some vocabularies and combine words. Their pronunciation will also be clear. It is indeed possible to stimulate young children's curiosity and drive their development fast through continued and integrated approach.

Dr. Toryos emphasises that the Denla Kindergarten Group has had more than 40 years of experiences in educating young children. When such extensive experiences are combined with DBS highly-experienced teachers, Dr. Toryos is confident that DBS Mini Dragons is well-positioned and fully ready to provide educational services for pre-EY1 learners, the group of children who are in the golden period for all aspects of development. The Pre-EY1 Centre of DBS promises to pave way for its students to sail smooth to further education and also to grow up into quality and happy leaders. DBS Mini Dragons, in all, is set to fulfill new-generation parents' wish to see their children's well-rounded development in physical, educational and social terms.

Dr. Temyos Pandejpong, continues that DBS quality is high not just at national but also international levels because of the following seven factors: 1. Operations under the unique DBS vision namely Enhanced British Curriculum, Academic Excellence for All, Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurship, Community & Global Perspectives, including Preserving Thainess; 2. Well-equipped facilities; 3. Highly-qualified native English speaking teachers with solid experiences in programmes; 4. Great support team that consists of attentive and capable members; 5. Rigorous curriculum with a variety of activities for Extended School Day, which means students have longer time at schools just like those in Britain's top private schools to remarkably develop themselves in all aspects; and 6. Teachers with nationally recognized talents in music, sports, and arts who are on hand to equip students with additional skills. As DBS Mini Dragons too will possess the key qualities, its students can be rest assured that they will get firm foundation for their brain, physical and skill development.

Fast to Get English Communication Skills, Fun to Learn and Explore

Mr. Mark McVeigh, the Principal of Denla British School (DBS), has come to the school with extensive experiences from leading schools based in the UK and Asia. At DBS, he has built up on the vision of the school's founding family "Pandejpong" when it comes to the formulation of clear goals. His focus is on the quality of educational services and environment in which children will be able to align their aptitude and interests for the maximization of their potential. Mr. Mark says although Thailand's international-school market is now highly competitive, demand in the market remains robust. Many parents, he says, have recognized the importance of English, an international language used around the world. DBS Mini Dragons now provides a key stepping stone to access quality schooling. Guided by the Enhanced British Curriculum, its students will get English communication skills faster through holistic education in a friendly and safe environment. In this pre-EY1 programme, all children will have fun and excitement as they engage in endless explorations. Such learning is the best preparation for them to study at Pre-Prep level later.

DBS trusts that the same team of teaching staff will help ensure smooth transition and quality educational services. Mrs. Tracey Skinner, Head of Pre-Prep at DBS, will serve as the acting Head of DBS Mini Dragons. She has been well-versed in young-children schooling from her experiences at international schools both in the UK and Dubai, even before she joined DBS.

Happy Children are Best Learners

Mrs. Tracey says DBS is determined to ensure that DBS Mini Dragons will be the region's best pre-EY1 Centre. Embracing EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), it will teach its students via Play-Based Learning to fully develop their skills in seven areas namely: Communication and English Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Mathematics, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts. DBS Mini Dragons has already prepared an environment so supportive for children who are between two and three years old. Facilities are designed to spur curiosity, creativity and friendliness. Children joining this pre-EY1 Centre are thus bound to receive good opportunities for skill development and secure solid foundation to sail well into Pre-Prep level. By participating in DBS Mini Dragons, children will be happy with friends their age. Speaking based on her years-long experiences with young children, Mrs. Tracey says, "Happy children are the best learners".

Communication as well as physical and social developments are the uniqueness of DBS Mini Dragons. Teaching in each week will be planned by a specific theme or main idea to make a clear and balance learning schedule.

Monday: Messy Play. Pupils will have freedom in playing, learning and making new discoveries as to stimulate creativity, imagination, and self-confident.
Tuesday: Story & Drama. Pupils will enjoy storytelling and acting activities to develop communication, observation and memory skills.
Wednesday: Get Active. Pupils will get to exercise to develop physical strength.
Thursday: Music & Song. Pupils will play music and sing English songs to learn to the language and its proper pronunciation.
Friday: Water Play. Pupils will get to have fun and play in the water to enhance muscle strength and movements.

Mr. Mark continues that the unique DBS vision are: 1. Enhanced British Curriculum, which efficiently applies the curriculums of Britain's leading private schools to Thai context and includes Mandarin/Thai language classes and a focus on life skills picked up in an all-round education; 2. Academic Excellence for All to ensure that all students are challenged; 3. Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurship that foster courage to make decisions and essential skills for the future; 4) Community & Global Perspectives, including Preserving Thainess. These pillars, he says, allow DBS students to achieve significant development in all aspects. At present, DBS has been granted membership of both the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT) and the Council of International School (CIS). Evaluators commended the DBS environment, educational services, attention of teachers, buildings and facilities, as well as happiness of DBS members. DBS Mini Dragons is truly a perfect place for developing young children who are between two and three years old. This Pre-EY1 Centre promises to equip its students with important learning skills and more.

"DBS Mini Dragons will deliver the best to students. We hope to welcome young children as our Mini Dragons soon. Come and join our DBS family," Mr. Mark concludes.
About DBS

Denla British School (DBS) operates under the Denla Kindergarten Group. Embracing British curriculum, it spans over 60 rai of land on Ratchapruek Road. It is run by experienced Principal Mark McVeigh and his Senior Management Team. They are hugely supported by DBS chairman Mr. Arn Pandejpong and executive directors Asst. Prof. Dr. Toryos and Dr. Temyos Pandejpong. DBS recruits students aged between two and 18 years old, as its programmes cover Pre-EY to Year 13 (Equivalent to pre-kindergarten to Mathayom 6 in Thai education system).

British curriculum is enhanced or adjusted to best suit Thai students at DBS, with contents designed to fulfill their learning, maximise their potential and foster their identity. DBS has always recruited the cream of the crop from the educational circles in both Thailand and beyond to its team. Its facilities are also excellent, ensuring that every of its students enjoy great environment. In the 2019 academic year, DBS conducts classes from Pre-EY to Year 9 (Mathayom 2), which are for children aged between two and 13 years old. DBS will expand its services to higher levels until Year 13 (for those aged 18 years old) in later years.

DBS is determined to develop its students based on their aptitude through fun and exciting learning activities. Highly-experienced teachers are on hand to guide students so as to ensure they can get and apply knowledge. The ultimate goal is to enable students to boost their potential and acquire the fluency of English, Thai and Mandarin. At DBS, technologies are integrated for its world-class educational services.

Extended Day programmes are in place at DBS, with various kinds of after-school activities. There are many clubs for students to join. Plus, there are homework sessions (Prep level) to help students get prepared for the next school day. All these activities are arranged under the close supervision of homeroom teachers.

DBS buildings and facilities are on par with international standards. Classrooms are exceptionally large and well equipped. Nearly half of the school's 60 rai of land is developed as activity zones such as a standard-size football field with FIFA Preferred 2 Star turf, 400-metre athletic tracks, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf training facility, (saltwater) swimming pools, a large indoor gym, a theatre, music rooms, libraries, 2D and 3D galleries, and dance studios.

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