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Events Press Release : 29 Oct 2019

CP Turkey celebrates the 1st branch of CP Fresh Shop Events—29 Oct 19

CP Group Vice Senior President Prasert Poongkumarn, presided over the opening ceremony of CP Fresh Shop in Inegoel, operated by CP Standart Gida Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. (CP Turkey). CP Turkey starts the CP Fresh Shop for being a business model in Turkey

China Showcases Smart City Solutions Week 2019 in Bangkok Secutech Thailand 2019, Thailand Lighting Fair 2019 and Thailand Building Fair 2019 under the concept, Smart City Solutions Week 2019. Events—29 Oct 19

Zhejiang, China, will bring 83 Zhejiang based innovators and export enterprises to feature advanced and quality Zhejiang products and solutions at three shows including Secutech Thailand 2019, Thailand Lighting Fair 2019, and Thailand Building Fair 2019.

JWD becomes Thailands 1st firm to provide self-storage plus safe deposit box solutions, touts Events—29 Oct 19

To supplement the self-storage business conducted at JWD Store It! Siam branch, JWD has launched a safe deposit box business aimed at attracting the corporate and retail customers who need to keep their valuables in a safe place. This makes it the first