The drought season will not be dry as Tops and Family Mart offer Discount for the Nation to stand by peoples side, maintaining bottled water prices and increasing stock by 100%

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The drought situation is expected to be more severe than before, and many are concerned that water products will increase in price. Central Food Retail Group, the operator of Central Food Hall, Tops, Family Mart and Matsumoto Kiyoshi, leading food stores and premium supermarkets, give assurance to Thai consumers and pledge to stand by Thai people's side with "Discount for the Nation". It has announced that Tops bottled water prices will remain the same, while it also works with 10 leading bottled water brands to offer free home delivery, to assure everyone that the drought season will not be dry. It guarantees that there is sufficient water in stock to meet the demands of consumers nationwide. To help reduce the burden of consumers during the Chinese New Year shopping season, there will be special promotions for consumer goods and eggs.

Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer of Central Food Retail Group and President of Central Food Retail, said, "We have seen signs of the drought season since earlier this year and many parties are concerned that the drought situation will lead to drinking water shortage or price hike. Central Food Retail Group would like to assure everyone that in the drought season, we have enough bottled water in stock to serve our customers. We have partnered with 10 leading bottled water brands to increase our orders by 100%, and we will keep the prices of Tops bottled water 600ml and 1,500 ml at 39 baht from originally 55 baht. There will also be many other promotions from water brands."

Customers can enjoy free home delivery when ordering bottled water and mineral water with a minimum purchase of 10 packs per order via from today to February 25, 2020. In addition to increasing its water stock, for the Chinese New Year season, during which consumers spend more, Central Food Retail Group wants to help ease the burden by offering special promotions on consumer goods such as Tops Egg No.1 Pack 10pcs. at only 45 baht from 63 baht during January 22 – February 4, 2020 at Central Food Hall and Tops nationwide.

Central Food Retail Group stands by Thai people's side with "Discount for the Nation", and consumers can rest assured that there are sufficient supplies with ongoing promotions throughout the month.

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