FETCO Operation Plan for 2020 promotes expansion of capital market investor base, a source for investor relations to strengthen confidence in investing and encouraging the development of personnel to support the capital market.

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Bangkok--27 Jan--Federation of Thai Capital Market Organizations

Paiboon Nalinthrangkurn, Chairman of the Federation of Thai Capital Market Organizations (FETCO), announced the 2020 Operation Plan outlining proposals to further develop the Thai capital market through the expansion of the investor base, increased confidences in investing acting as a source for investor relation, and the encouragement of the development of personnel to support the capital market.

Chairman Paiboon stated that the FETCO operations policy for 2020 supports its mission of being a representative of the private sector in jointly defining the vision for the development of the Thai capital market as well as being an important mechanism to facilitate policies between the state and private sectors. FETCO's 2020 Operations Plan consists of nine primary focal points: 1) expanding the investor base in the capital market; 2) in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, acting as a source for Investor Relations to strengthen confidence in investing; 3) supporting SMEs' and Startups' access to the capital market; 4) encouraging the development of personnel to support the capital market; 5) devising a Capital Market Digital Roadmap strategy; 6) promoting ESG Collective Supporting, that is capital market cooperation for economic sustainability; 7) encouraging financial literacy; 8) offering opinions and advice to the government for the further development of the Thai capital market; and 9) advancing the Thai capital market development plans and the capital market sector operating plans.

The aforementioned operating policy reflects the opinion that the capital market can enhance the potential of the economy. As such, FETCO serves as an agency to which the government can turn for advice in policy formulation pertaining to the Thai capital market and national economy. Additionally, FETCO policy strives to bolster the economic development of the business sector as a whole, while also fulfilling the role of Investor Relations in the overall support of the national economy for investment analysts, institutional investors and long-term access to foreign investors. FETCO policy backs plans to move towards a digital capital market, while it also supports relevant, effective legislation such as the Trust Act for Personal Property Management which can serve as a tool to manage personal assets and reduce the necessity of taking assets outside of the country to manage. FETCO policy likewise seeks to facilitate business operations through the National Pension Fund Act to provide for compulsory savings for workers in the system. Other policy provisions include: amending laws that prevent associations and foundations from investing in the capital market in order to open up a wider variety of investment opportunities for them; encouraging investors to understand and invest in super saving funds (SSF) ; establishing plans to facilitate SMEs' and Startups' access to the capital market; eliciting cooperation in the capital market sector to strive for economic sustainability; supporting the integration of the government in reviewing the direction of operation plans and their target groups; providing basic financial and investment knowledge to the general public; being a supporting organization with the right to certify the proposals of the Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF); and considering guidelines to support the project to develop personnel who will play a role in the capital market sector.

Paiboon Nalinthrangkurn, FETCO Chairman, stated further, "Changing technology, an aging society, and trends for conducting business with due regard to business sustainability increasingly affect the investment decisions of investors, especially institutional investors and long-term investors. Therefore, the capital market sector needs to anticipate and consider changes that may occur in the near future by participating in the formulation of relevant policies to develop the Thai capital market so that it can grow continuously and sustainably with stability and efficiency. FETCO continues to support, promote, and encourage organizations and stakeholders in the Thai capital market to establish good corporate governance standards which embrace transparent and fair management systems, including participation in social responsibility."

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