Central Food Retail’s B2B market push with launch of CHEF YIM app Integrated services for caterers on e-Commerce platform

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Central Food Retail is making a push into B2B markets with the launch of CHEF YIM, an integrated service for restaurants of an e-commerce platform with a supporting mobile application, under the slogan, " Quality, Value and Satisfaction". The system has three great competitie potentials which are the potential to source raw ingredients both in Thailand and abroad, the potential of transportation and the potential of technology. The company is confident this will meet the needs of restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and caterers in obtaining fine quality ingredients at the best prices.

Jirasak Chirathivat, Head of B2B Platform at Central Food Retail Company Limited under Central Retail explained how the CHEF YIM application had come about: "The company has become aware of the problems facing catering businesses, whether restaurants, cafes, hotels, caterers and especially our business partners. These involve sourcing ingredients both domestically and overseas while controlling product quality and transportation, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a leading Thai retailer, we resolved to use our potential to develop solutions for this group of entrepreneurs and operators. They had to be able to operate their businesses conveniently, and be able to deal with any unexpected situation. We looked at B2B channels in the food market, which Euro monitor has valued at over 900 billion baht for all Food Services. The result was the creation of the CHEF YIM application, under the slogan, " Quality, Value and Satisfaction," conceived as a tool to take on the B2B market for food. The management team combines capable young professionals from an agile culture to enable rapid progress, with the app development team from Central Tech, managed by Central Group. These have tailored the system to meet the unique needs of this customer group as much as possible.”

To compete in the B2B food services market, Central Food retail has three great potentials: 1. The potential to source ingredients from a network of over 1,000 suppliers around the country, as well as top grade ingredients from abroad. 2. The potential of transportation to a nationwide branch network, and 3. The potential of technology in which Central Group has business units developing a wide range of technologies. For instance, Central Tech has developed Omnichannel E-commerce alongside The1, the most popular loyalty program in Thailand in terms of membership. Meanwhile, Central JD Money has developed the Dolfin e-wallet. The company is confident that CHEF YIM will assist food entrepreneurs to access quality ingredients, operate their business efficiently and therefore achieve success. In the future, the company has a plan to further develop the system to be even more convenient for restaurateurs by integrating the CHEF YIM system with the restaurant's Point of Sale (POS) system to make product orders even more accurate.

CHEF YIM sees its role as a comprehensive solution for restaurants on an e-commerce platform. The app has been developed for both iOS and Android devices, and has a simple interface which is convenient to use. Features include an efficient search from product categories which is highly specific and quick, while time can be saved on repeat orders, as previous purchases are displayed on the Shopping List page, with just one click required for a new order of regular products, with no need to search for them again.

Users of CHEF YIM can order many product categories such as fresh food, including produce and meat. These are both from inside Thailand, which supports Thai farmers, and from overseas. Other categories include dry groceries, beverages, other imported products and all manner of miscellaneous utensils. The selection is based on the stock of Central Food Retail which boasts over 140,000 product lines. CHEF YIM will strive to obtain quality fresh product to customers' standards at the best prices for restaurants. The service will also provide the convenience of delivery at the customer's required time, or next-day delivery. An after-sales team is on hand to monitor customer satisfaction, with product claims allowed within one day for any problem product. On top of all this, the company is giving a special promotion for the launch of CHEF YIM of 5 to 10% discounts for new customers, from 17 September to 31 December 2020.

"The goal of CHEF YIM is to enable our customers and partners to achieve sustainable success with us. We are confident that the potential of Central Food Retail can meet the needs of food business operators for convenience, efficiency and greater success."

Operators of restaurants, cafes, hotels, caterers or other businesses interested in the services of CHEF YIM may call 0 2831 7300 ext. 7791, LINE ID @chefyim, or email contact@chefyim.com for further information.

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