Siam Commercial Bank Overhauls Customer Experience Platform, Launches Newly-Defined Customer Center for Digital-Age Consumers, Fully Ready for Service Competition

Stocks and Financial Services Press Releases Tuesday April 3, 2018 16:32
Bangkok--3 Apr--Siam Commercial Bank
  • The New Chapter of Customer Center at the Heart of Overhaul
  • Number of Smart Agents to Double to 1,200 by Second Quarter of 2018

"Siam Commercial Bank" (SCB) is preparing itself for the service-competitive age. In its latest move, SCB has transformed its Customer Experience Platform with more than Bt500 million budget. Not only that the transformation features latest technologies but it also presents the development of new "Customer Center". Spanning over 3,990 square meters at BHIRAJ TOWER at BITEC, this facility embraces "The New Chapter of Customer Center" theme to create fresh work environment for staff or "Smart Agents". Thanks to voice-recognition technology, customers can conveniently prove their identity without the need to press so many buttons. Just as this innovative technology enhances SCB Call Center's capabilities and services, Smart Agents receive potential development in three main areas: "Excellent Quality, Technology and Service-minded" so as to best respond to customers' needs. SCB has planned to raise the number of its Smart Agent by one fold to 1,200 during the second quarter of this year. The New Chapter of Customer Center is expected to complement SCB Touchpoints paving way for them to answer well to digital-age customers' needs and to compete in upcoming serious service competition.

Mrs. Anisa Choocharn Head of Customer Experience at SCB, says, "At present, our call center has handled more than one million calls each month on average. Backed by more than 700 staff, our call center has operated around the clock. On top of this, we have formed a team to respond to customers via social media channels. We have delivered all these services in the hope that customers will fast receive attention and care. We have striven to assure that our customers, no matter what channels they have used, will get the services that exceed their expectations. However, the existing manpower, technology, or service center are not enough to answer today's customers' needs, that expect to have their problems solved as fast as possible. SCB is well aware of the issue at hand and is preparing for the future. Therefore, SCB is committed to differentiation and potential upgrade so as to stay ahead of competitors amid the fast-changing landscape. 'Excellent Quality, Technology and Service-minded' are the core elements of our Smart-Agent development as we seek to answer fully to customers' needs".

Mrs. Vilasinee Puddhikarant Master of Customer Experience and Advisor to President and CEO at SCB, says about the big transformation that, "with the Digital technologies that have now influenced every industry, consumer behaviors are changing significantly. SCB has paid a significant attention to the need to keep pace with the changing world. In mid-2017, SCB revamped its SCB EASY app and developed its infrastructure particularly its digital platform.Technologies have been leveraged to improve SCB efficiency and customer experience via various touchpoints. Both the digital platform and customer experience platform are important engines for SCB pursuit of further successes. On 26 March 2018, SCB made a big move in cancelling various transaction fees on SCB EASY. Following the move, SCB becomes even more focused on services. Today, banking services are available anywhere on Earth. Customer Center, therefore, is a key touchpoint. It must be modernized to comprehensively satisfy customers".

She continues that, "In the face of many challenges, fierce business competitions and customers' increasingly complicated and varied needs particularly during the age of service competition, customers are really the most important persons. SCB, therefore, is committed to delivering Better Customer Experience. Guided by this commitment, SCB has transformed Customer Experience Platform under the concept "The New Chapter of Customer Center".Its Journey of Excellence covers five dimensions:

1) Command Center: Designed to control service quality, this center has analyzed data real-time to ensure better customer experiences. SCB Customer Center can now promptly serve customers and/or solve their problems. In Thailand, SCB is the first and only bank to operate such command center. It has been in operation since 19 March 2018.

2) Operation: Work process is customer centric. Service-level agreement guarantees the delivery of faster solutions to customers so as to boost their confidence in SCB services.

3) Facility: The new Customer Center spans over two floors. Some of its areas are allocated as creative and recreational spaces for staff. They present breakout area, gaming room, fitness, and terrace area. Moreover, the new center adopts a modern decor. Its work area is open and dynamic. No partitions are installed for the purpose of promoting employees' physical and mental well-being.

4) Culture and People: With its new approach to call center operation, this new-concept Call Center will build a new work culture or SCB Way among staff. Good work attitudes will be inculcated. Corporate culture will be fostered. Shared mindset will be developed so that all employers work in the same direction. Staff empowerment and skill development will be constant via training. The center will also provide job opportunities to the visually challenged and deaf agents.

5) Technology: The new Call Center leverages modern and efficient technologies to enrich customer experiences. For example, Voice biometricenables the identity of customers on the basis of voice. Thanks to this innovation, work process is streamlined with customers enjoying greater convenience, faster response and higher security for every transaction made with SCB. Speech recognition is also integrated to the Customer Center, paving way for customers to reach services they want by speaking, instead of pressing menu buttons. Access to automation system becomes much easier. In the next quarter, this Call Center Platform will also undergo another impressive upgrade for even greater efficiency.

"SCB has significantly invested in technologies and the development of Customer Center. Spanning over 3,990 square meters at BHIRAJ TOWER at BITEC, the center presents great work environment for staff. SCB hopes to make staff happy and to deliver them quality of life. SCB trusts that when our staff are happy, they will spread happiness around and present impressive services to customers. The upgrade of Customer Service Platform is an important jigsaw piece in the touchpoint synergy. We plan to increase our Smart Agent number by one fold to 1,200 before the end of the second quarter. We have now achieved another milestone towards our goal to becoming "The Most Admired Bank"," Mrs. Vilasinee concludes.

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