mai-listed firms report growth in sales and profitability in 2018

Stocks and Financial Services Press Releases Tuesday March 12, 2019 09:23
Bangkok--12 Mar--SET
  • Total sales rose 14.64 pct to THB 174.36 bln. (approx. USD 5.45 billion)
  • Net profit up 2.09 pct to THB 5.13 bln (approx. USD 160.34 million)
  • All industry groups reported sales growth.
  • Agro & Food, Resources, Services and Consumer Products among top performing industry groups

Companies listed on Market for Alternative Investment (mai) posted aggregate sales of THB 174.36 billion (approx. USD 5.45 billion) in 2018, a 14.64 percent increase from the preceding year, with combined net profit rise by 2.09 percent to THB 5.13 billion. Sales increased across industry groups, particularly four industry groups: Agro & Food, Resources, Services and Consumer Products (in descending order) reported higher net profits.

mai President Prapan Charoenprawatt said the 2018 combined earnings were compiled from 149 mai-listed companies, representing 93 percent of the total 161 firms (excluding those in the non-compliance group or NC, those using different accounting period, and those not submitting the report in time). Their total cost increased 16.07 percent to THB 136.94 billion, narrowing gross profit margin to 21.46 percent from 22.43 percent. However, mai-listed companies' total operating profit soared 51.22 percent to THB 7.04 billion. Among those reporting firms, 110 companies or 74 percent, reported net profits.

"For the 2018 performance, all industry groups showed growth in sales but the higher oil price pushed up costs and affected profitability of several companies, particularly those in Industrials industry group. However, listed companies' combined net profit increased and four industry groups experienced net profit growth were Agro & Food, Resources, Services, and Consumer Products in descending order."

In 2018, total assets of mai-listed firms jumped 11.25 percent from end-2017 to THB 271.52 billion and their financial positions was still solid, with debt-to-equity ratio edging up slightly to 1.07 times at end-2018 from 1.01 times from end-2017.

As of March 8, 2019, there were a total of 161 mai-listed companies and the mai Index closed at 371.20 points, with a total market capitalization of THB 253.27 billion and average daily trading value of THB 800 million.

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