KBank Private Banking inaugurates its exclusive office in Phrom Phong area Aims to deliver top-class customer experience and fortify its collaboration with Lombard Odier to provide comprehensive wealth management services

Stocks and Financial Services Press Releases Friday August 16, 2019 14:52
Bangkok--16 Aug--KASIKORNBANK

KBank Private Banking (KPB) has inaugurated its office in the Phrom Phong area. Through its redefined strategies, KPB will expand its private banking team to forward its mission of delivering impressive customer experiences in alignment with their changing lifestyles. Entering the fifth year of collaboration with Lombard Odier – the world-renowned private bank – KPB can boast of its status as Thailand's number-one international comprehensive wealth management service provider. What's more, it has set its sights on upgrading its private banking service to the international level. Expecting to see the number of wealthy Thais increase by 26 percent, KPB anticipates that its customer base will grow by no less than 5 percent annually.

Mr. Jirawat Supornpaibul, Private Banking Group Head, KASIKORNBANK, said that "KBank Private Banking has redefined its strategies through the relocation of its office to the Phrom Phong area – a high-end neighborhood – with the aim of (1) accommodating more staff members, up to 200 from the present 150, with "hot desk" space to capitalize on agility; (2) creating a happier workplace, as happy employees ensure happy customers; and (3) providing greater customer accessibility given that our High Net Worth Individuals usually frequent this neighborhood, in line with the modern office concept of "High-Net, High-Traffic", thus allowing us to better serve them where they already are."

"Occupying 1,783 sq.m. of the 42nd floor of Bhiraj Tower at EmQuartier, the new office can connect with the EmQuartier shopping mall, an iconic shopping center that offers an array of global brands which symbolize wealth, which is most often frequented by our clients, who not only shop there but also enjoy other numerous lifestyle activities, like meeting with friends and conducting financial transactions. Moreover, we have moved here to accommodate the broadening of our customer base within the next four to five years."

The new KBank Private Banking Office features four prominent characteristics:
1. Location: It is located in the High-Net Central Business District, the prime area of global luxury brands, which is easily accessed via various transportation modes.
2. Interior design: The office has been planned based on functionality to facilitate the work of its employees, enhance customer convenience and showcase distinctive, unique designs.
3. Recyclable and environmentally friendly office: Green materials are used.
4. Retaining talent: Employees can take pride in their workplace, which has been designed to create a pleasant working atmosphere and attract new talent to work with KBank.

The cooperation between KBank Private Banking and Lombard Odier has elevated the service standard for customers in the past four years. In addition to financial and investment advisory services, the collaboration endeavors to enhance customer confidence rather than focus on short-term gains. Lombard Odier has special expertise in the area of family wealth management, leading to KBank Private Banking's philosophy that 'Perfect Wealth' comes from a combination of wealth and happiness; customers can live a worry-free lifestyle by easing their concerns in the areas of maintenance, nurturing and succession of wealth.

"KBank believes in our office relocation strategy and expects to increase customer closeness and foster good relations with our customers. In addition, the Asian region is seeing a rising number of wealthy people, when compared to the global scale. Thailand is expected to see a 26 percent* rise in the number of wealthy individuals during 2018-2023. KBank Private Banking expects to record at least a 5 percent increase of customers annually," Mr. Jirawat summed up.

At present, KBank Private Banking has more than 11,000 clients and assets under management (AUM) of 760 billion Baht.

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