ICHI held the 2020 AGM which approved dividend payment of 0.35 baht/share, launching new products to catch up with health-conscious trend and reflect caring for consumers

Stocks and Financial Services Press Releases Tuesday April 28, 2020 14:24
Bangkok--28 Apr--IR PLUS

Ichitan Group Public Company Limited’s (ICHI) 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held through electronic platform (e-AGM) resolved to approve to pay dividend of 0.35 baht per share on May 21. Tan Passakornnatee, President & CEO of ICHI, said the current situation is another business challenge which must prioritize all segments. ICHI also rolls out a raft of new products – alkaline water to which vitamin B complex is added under “PH Plus 8.5” brand, milk tablet chew for kids under “One Morr” brand and two fresh flavours of premium green tea Shizuoka brand for health-conscious people amid the COVID-19 spread, and it is committed to be on Thais’ side and pass through the crisis together.

Mr Tan said ICHI organized e-AGM to comply with laws and regulations governing the COVID-19 outbreak containment and response to the Company’s realization and concerns about shareholders health amid the virus spread.

At the meeting, shareholders approved all agendas set out by the Board of Directors including a cash dividend payment of 0.35 baht per share derived from net profit from operations during January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, profit under BoI privilege and retained profit. The dividend will be payable on May 21 as a means to give back for shareholders’ continuous supports.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, ICHI is determined to unveil new products to cater to the change of habits for better health. The Company will expand its beverage product line, launching alkaline water which contains vitamin B complex (vitamin B3, B5, B6, B9) under “PH PLUS 8.5” brand to redress body balance by removing acid to restore health and keep fresh feeling throughout the day. Given a small cluster water, can be absorbed into cells faster, therefore body could be efficiently functioned   as the concept of Stay Balance, Stay Healthy, Stay Alive. The new product produced by smart technology from Japan, priced at 20 baht in 550 ml bottle and it will be available by May.

ICHI has just launched “One Morr Milk Tablet” product, a candy selected by mothers for their beloved kids as it is tasty and full of heathy benefits from DHA, One Morr differentiates from others by using full fat milk imported by New Zealand, available at   traditional trade and Makro at a price of 10 baht in 10-gram pack.

“We’ve studied health-conscious consumer market for a while, so we see new innovation opportunities to broaden alternatives for consumers in 2020.   ICHI will launch “alkaline drink plus vitamin B complex” to reflect our care from the heart to consumers as the product can prompt immunity and adjust body balance, while “One Morr Milk Tablet”, a new brand that we roll out to keep pace with mother’s demand for candy that has benefits for their beloved children, is another product that ICHI considers that it can meet needs of health-conscious consumers,” Mr Tan said.

For Shizuoka green tea, it is another product that has proved ICHI’s success with the biggest market share in premium tea market. ICHI plans product line expansion to continuously serve consumer demand, introducing two new flavours, Blended Gyokuro and Sencha flavor without sugar is made from first flush teas grown at the altitude of 2,000 feet, and Sencha and Matcha honey flavour tea - a unique recipe developed by new generation tea master from Shizuoka – is made from quality first flush tea and adds honey for sweetness with unique flavor. Both will be available early May.

ICHI centers on importance of all parties including employees, merchant customers with shops located across the country, consumers and our shareholders, and it is determined to develop good products to maximize earnings and stand by society’s side amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The Company delivers emotional supports and shows caring to all Thais. We will come through this together.

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