Pan Rajdhevee Group Unveils Pan Acne Formula Three Lotion, the Worlds First Acne Solution Innovation, with the #ShockAcneIn3Days Campaign

Food and Healthcare Press Releases Wednesday July 26, 2017 13:57
Bangkok--26 Jul--Aries communications

Pan Rajdhevee Group, Thailand's leading cosmeceutical brand, pushed forth in continuously developing skincare innovations and introduced "Pan Acne Formula Three Lotion," the ultimate acne solution without relying on any medicine. The solution targets teenagers and first jobbers with acne problems with the #ShockAcneIn3Days campaign. The Group aims to increase its sales by 15% from last year, by introducing acne care, skincare, sunscreen, and anti-aging products to the European market and showcasing the world-class potential and capability of a Thai brand.

Associate Professor Dr Pichit Suvanprakorn, M.D., Chief Executive Officer, Pan Rajdhevee Group Public Company Limited, said at the press conference, "'Pan Cosmetic,' a brand under Pan Rajdhevee Group Public Company Limited, has been with Thai people for over 40 years and we never ceases to innovate new skincare solutions for Thai people. Today, we are more than pleased to introduce our latest innovation, a ground-breaking discovery for the world, or the "Cell Signaling" Innovation. Cell Signaling treatment takes care of acne from the root cause, by utilizing the natural extracts to 'suppress' the cause of acnes and 'stimulate' good signals to recover balance and beauty to your skin. Additionally, we also discovered new ways of treating acne; the three types of acnes are: Type I acne, Type II acne, and Type III acne. Besides, today's consumers are looking for more effective and safer skincare products that yield faster results. Pan Rajdhevee Group, therefore, introduces the "Acne Formula Three Lotion" under the 'Pan Cosmetic' brand. The formula contains Z-Nico, an ingredient that is as safe and effective as the ointment and pills, which helps block and clear Type III acnes from its root cause. With its effective capability to block four levels of the acne codes, the acne will be 90% better within three days and will disappear within 7 – 14 days after application. We are confident that this is the best anti-acne solution we ever have."

On another note, Pornchai Piriyabunjurd, Managing Director of Pan Rajdhevee Group Public Company Limited discussed the marketing strategy of this hero product, "We are targeting teenagers and first jobbers that have acne problems by launching the "#ShockAcneIn3Days" marketing campaign through social media channels, namely and, medical experts' recommendation and services at points of sales and distribution channel nationwide, including more than 3,000 hypermarkets and leading pharmacies. By reaching this target effectively, we aim to increase our revenue share by 15% within this year."

At the same time, Pan Rejdhevee Group also launches an unprecedented customer relation management system, "Host Service." The system is built to provide the best service from the well-trained PAN Care staffs who are like doctor's assistant to answer any question and perform initial diagnosis on the type of acne, as well as provide product recommendations.

"Moreover, Pan Rajdhevee Group also showcases its capability as a Thai brand to enter foreign market. In the past, we exported our products to other markets in Asia, including opening the second clinic in Vietnam. This year, we expanded our distribution channels to cover the European market, by entering Germany and other EU countries with our acne care, skincare, sunscreen, and anti-aging products, under the "Pan Dermacare" brand. Our products are available at the hospitals and clinics that have dermatologists on duty. Plus, all exported products have been extensively researched and developed in the fields of Molecular Biology and Cell Signaling, the innovation that is widely recognized by world-class dermatologists and certified by the European Food and Drug Administration," said Pornchai.

Additional Information
Pan Rajdhevee Group is consisted of Pan Cosmetic, Rajdhevee Clinic, Pan Clinic, and the cosmeceutical distribution subsidiaries.
The market value of cosmetology clinics is 20 billion baht. The market can be divided into three segments: chain clinics, stand-alone clinics, and clinics that hospitals open separately.

In each segment, there are three sub-categories: clinics that are solely focused on medical treatment, clinics that are focused on both medical and beauty treatment, and clinics that are focused on beauty treatment and cosmetic surgery. Currently, Pan Clinic belongs to the second group, providing both medical and beauty treatment.

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