Samitivej wins #The Most Improved Hospital in Thailand Award

Food and Healthcare Press Releases Tuesday October 2, 2018 12:14
Bangkok--2 Oct--a publicist

Samitivej showcases dimensions of excellence with the latest achievement as a winner of The Most Improved Hospital in Thailand Award from the Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA). The hospital group is moving forward with a vision of "Organization of Value" supported by "Once That Matters" campaign and innovations in the medical services which purposely designed to encourage patients to 'Aware, Prevent, and Plan' for a better quality of life and well-being.

Chairat Panthuraamphorn, M.D., CEO of Samitivej and BNH hospitals, said that the Samitivej Hospital Group has recently won 'The Most Improved Hospital in Thailand Award' from the Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA). The recognition is a result of the hospital's milestone in achieving the corporate vision for being "Hospital of Choice" winning hearts and minds of stakeholders who drive the hospital's successful development in all dimensions including the concept of Value Creation for Customers, Society and Country, through the campaign "Once That Matters".

The accomplishment of the corporate's vision well reflected a trust of stakeholders including customers, doctors, employees, community and shareholders. The measurement are:
  • The Net Promoting Score (NPS), which measures the customer's loyalty and their recommendation to new customers, has increased from 80% to 96%.
  • The Emphatic Score, which determines the levels of doctors and nurses' empathy for patients, has increased from 4.16 to 4.85.
  • The Staff Engagement Score, which indicates levels of employee's satisfaction with the organization, has increased from 65% to 81%. The global rate stood at 65%.
The corporate has been responding to the community's needs through ongoing CSR campaigns and fulfilling the shareholders' objective with the return on investment that has been increasing every year.

Samitivej's Value Creation for Customers, Society, and Country, has been developed in responses to healthcare issue and its social effects. Health problems can affect patients physically and mentally while healthcare cost has been increasing every year. The rising number of patients can affect the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which will lead to a negative impact on the development of the national economy.

The Samitivej Hospital Group has redesigned the business model, driving all activities under the "Once That Matters" campaign. Samitivej, which is ranked the World's Best Hospital, is focusing on the Preventive Medicine and the Health Promotion to encourage people to maintain their well-being and improve their health.

Also, the hospital has been introducing the Precision Medicine, a new medical breakthrough which takes genes, lifestyle, and environment of the patient into account when making a diagnosis and planning for treatment including the pre-pregnancy planning and preventing complication during pregnancy.

The campaign "Once That Matters", supported with medical innovation and new technologies, is aimed at emphasizing patient's wellness to reduce the patient suffering caused by illness and lessen the healthcare cost, promoting the growth of country's GDP with the healthy population. It also reflects the hospital's efforts to establish the Organization of Value, which is more meaningful than Organization of Success.

Samitivej has been incorporating a digital platform with its services. Recently, the hospital developed 'Samitivej Plus, a smartphone application that facilitates patients by eliminating queue and shorten all process involved in services. These are all new dimensions of the Samitivej Group which intends to create a better quality of life and generating value for Community, Society, and Country.

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