Doctors Talk: Tips to Recover from Training and Competition Like a Pro Athlete By Dr. Korakod Panich (M.D.), Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) Member

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Doctor's Talk: Tips to Recover from Training and Competition Like a Pro Athlete By Dr. Korakod Panich (M.D.), Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) Member

Have you ever felt that you have been exercising forever without getting anywhere near your goals? Are you wondering why you can barely move after an exercise session? If you have answered YES to these questions, here are five things to check to ensure that you are doing things the right way for your body to recover fully after exercise. Following all these tips below should help you feel good about being able to recover like a professional athlete.

1. Make quality sleep a priority

A good night's sleep is perceived to be 6 to 8 hours of peaceful, uninterrupted slumber. According to research results from Marshal G J.G. (2016) , getting at least seven hours of quality sleep per night is necessary for your body to recover effectively. During sleep, as this will help secrete hormones such as melatonin that stimulate growth, cell reproduction, cell regeneration, as well as improve the immune system, metabolism, inflammation, muscles and mental health. Those who have major sleep problems may even be at risk for NCDs (non-communicable diseases) such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

2. Keep the balance of fluids and minerals

Regular endurance exercises can also play a role in efficient recovery, because they give a good workout to your muscles and your heart. An example of an endurance exercise is running on a regular basis which requires muscle power from the legs, thighs and calves. Those muscles will be stronger, denser and more durable. Once your body is used to running, your general performance will improve and recovery will be accelerated. For example, our normal resting heart rate is 70-80 per minute, but if you run regularly, your resting heart rate will become 60-70 per minute. Moreover, don't forget to keep your body hydrated with a hydration enhanced drink before, during and after your workout so you replace the fluids lost. Proper hydration is crucial to good recovery.

3. Eat healthy meals

Proper nutrition benefits the body in many ways, including quick recovery and healthy reproduction and repair of muscle tissues. Besides good quality sleep and regular exercise, nutrients are also required for repair and recovery even while you're sleeping. I believe everybody knows that the key nutrient for body repair is carbohydrates as well as protein, fats, vitamins and minerals which can be found in meat, milk, eggs, beans, vegetables and fruits. Additional advice for recovering like a pro athlete is to consume carbohydrates and protein, like drinking a carton of milk or combination of carbohydrate and protein mixture shake within an hour after exercising, since this is the perfect time for the body to absorb nutrients and store them as glycogen that converts to energy. Keep in mind that the body needs a balanced proportion of carbohydrates and protein daily. (6 to 10 grams of carbs and 1.5 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight, respectively, based on your activity level)

4. Stretch and cool down after a workout

Another factor that contributes to efficient recovery is proper stretching and cooling down after exercise. During a workout, blood is pumped to muscles that are being used. If we stop exercising abruptly, blood will stay there and may slow down the blood circulation. Cool down exercises will help regulate blood flow, ensuring the efficient recovery and repair of muscle tissues. The length and tension of the muscles that were used excessively during the workout can be normalized.

5. Eliminate regularly

It is important to eliminate all the waste in your system. Many people don't realize just how important elimination is, but it is one of the most important functions of the body. Regular elimination is necessary to the upkeep of overall good health because toxins are flushed out. Not having a daily movement can make you feel sluggish and will therefore affect your exercise routine, as well as the recovery process. According to a study by Rong Huang (2014) , people who exercise regularly will have less chances of suffering from constipation. Be consistent in your habit by exercising regularly, drinking adequate amounts of water and ensuring there is fiber in your diet.

Following these easy tips will facilitate speedy and complete recovery from your exercise efforts, and you will soon be repairing your body after strenuous training and performance like elite athletes. Remember to treat your body well during the recovery phases, so it becomes stronger, bigger and more efficient. In addition, it allows for growth. In order to boost your performance, plan your recovery as well as you plan your workout, and you will soon begin to see the benefits of all the hard work you put in.

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