Herbalife Nutrition Survey Reveals Less than Half of Thais Aware of the Need to Take Active Steps Towards Healthy Aging Early, Ranking Second-Last in APAC

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Bangkok--29 Nov--Francom Asia
Herbalife Nutrition Survey Reveals Less than Half of Thais Aware of the Need to Take Active Steps Towards Healthy Aging Early, Ranking Second-Last in APAC

Herbalife Nutrition, a premier global nutrition company whose purpose is to make the world healthier and happier, recently released findings from its 2018 Asia Pacific Healthy Aging Survey. Conducted in August this year with 5,500 respondents aged 40 and above, including 502 from Thailand, the poll sought insights into concerns and attitudes of consumers in the region towards healthy aging.

The survey showed that Thais are among the last in the region to take active steps to ensure healthy aging. Majority of APAC respondents (54%) believe that they should begin to take active steps at the age of 40 to 45. However, in Thailand only 43% agreed, while the other 57% believed that 46 and above was the right age which is quite late, compared to other APAC countries.

According to the survey results, most Thai respondents defined Healthy Aging as "not being a burden to my family as I age" (74%). In addition,
  • 65% of respondents in Thailand said having "grey hair" was the first sign of aging, followed by "in need of wearing reading glasses" (63%)
  • 67% of respondents in Thailand believed that their physical condition was better than their actual age, slightly less than the APAC average of 68%;
Thais are almost unanimous about starting to take steps towards healthy aging:
  • almost all Thai participants said (98%) that they can take active steps to put themselves on a path to healthy aging.
  • 89% claim to have already taken steps towards healthy aging, with 83% making better nutrition choices and 82% engaging in more regular physical activity
  • The remaining 11% who have not taken steps cited the following reasons:
o For regular exercise, lack of motivation (54%) and lack of time (43%)
o For making better nutrition choices, lack of motivation (41%) and lack of money (28%)
Moreover, other activities towards healthy aging that were cited in the survey were engaging in more mentally-stimulating activity, going for more regular health check-ups and taking the right supplements.
The survey also uncovered three key motivators to encourage Thai consumers to make better nutrition choices for healthy aging:
  • Having a better understanding of the role of good nutrition in healthy aging (72%)
  • Ease of access to healthy aging food options and products (50%)
  • Access to expert advice on personalized nutrition (37%)
  • Availability of friends and family who are on the same healthy aging journey (28%)

For Thais, family (78%) wields the most influence when it comes to healthy aging. This is followed by doctors (43%) and friends (38%). They also obtain healthy aging tips, from online media (67%), family and friends (53%), and TV (49%).

"We are glad that Thai people in general are aware of the importance of healthy aging. However, the survey also reveals that there is a low awareness of the need to start preparing for healthy aging early," said Mr Suphot Rittipichaiwat, General Manager, Herbalife Nutrition Thailand. "Healthy aging should not just be an afterthought. We believe there is a need to help more Thais understand the crucial role of exercise and nutrition for healthy aging. At Herbalife Nutrition, our trained members combined with our targeted nutrition products, provide consumers with a comprehensive and personalized solution to kickstart their healthy aging journey early, so they can stay healthy and happy when they age."

For more information on Herbalife Nutrition in Thailand, please visit www.Herbalife.co.th or call 02-660-1600.

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