ERBA Mannheim to Unveil NEXUS Next Generation Automation at AACC 2019

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LONDON--1 Aug--PRNewswire/InfoQuest
  • New affordable, modular, mid-scale clinical chemistry, immunoassay and hematology range with sample selection and transport systems, making powerful automation accessible to growing labs
  • Hematology system uses unique combination of ultra-high definition imaging, artificial intelligence (AI) and traditional methods to analyse thousands of blood cells per minute to improve turn-around time
  • Immunoassay system uses high sensitivity CLIA technology with proprietary magnetic bead design with menu of over 100 parameters
  • Chemistry system uses advanced thick-film ISE analysis technology and innovative reagent management to deliver improved workflow and enhanced analytical result quality

Erba Mannheim extends its ongoing commitment to providing high quality, affordable clinical diagnostic solutions to emerging markets labs by unveiling the Erba NEXUS next generation automation solution, at AACC 2019 in Anaheim, California.

Aimed at delivering mid-scale, advanced automation across immunology, clinical chemistry and hematology – the Erba NEXUS range employs advanced technology including AI-based blood cell image analysis, advanced CLIA magnetic beads, thick film ISE analysis and an intuitive sample transport system to deliver affordable modular automation.

"Mid-sized labs need to remain competitive in today's world of consolidation. Such businesses must streamline workflow, optimise space usage and accelerate turn-around time with high result quality to keep their operations viable. But if they are too small for big automated systems, and too big to keep adding stand-alone autosamplers, what do they do?" Alastair McLeod, Vice President Global Marketing says.

"We developed the NEXUS range to fill this gap, giving mid-scale labs everywhere access to advanced modular automation previously available only from large vendors. With technology specifically designed to improve workflow with high analytical test quality at an affordable price, labs can now confidently invest in a future-proof scalable platform."

Nikhil Vazirani, Managing Director: "NEXUS is an exciting development based on years of close customer feedback. Our vision is to make total lab automation more common in emerging markets and allow the average mid-sized lab to offer higher quality diagnostics to millions of underserved patients."

Visit ERBA Mannheim at AACC 2019, CA, booth 827.
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Erba Mannheim is an IVD solutions provider focused on improving health outcomes in developing nations. Originally founded in India by Suresh Vazirani and now with operations in Europe and the US, Erba provides hospitals and labs with a full range of diagnostic instruments, reagents and support services to more than 100 countries.

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