@BactLAB(TM), Bacterial Colony-counting Service, Now Available Globally

Food and Healthcare Press Releases Monday August 5, 2019 12:00
TOKYO--5 Aug--Kyodo JBN- AsiaNet/InfoQuest

Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo, is pleased to announce that @BactLAB(TM), an application that uses Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enable quick and easy counting of bacterial colonies, is now available to overseas users of CompactDry(TM). The launch of this application is part of the company's strategy of active investment in areas of new growth for the purpose of contributing to the development of overseas markets and quality control processes in relation to food hygiene.

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Since August 2018, a limited number of Nissui Pharmaceutical's overseas customers have been testing and using @BactLAB(TM), a colony counter application developed exclusively for CompactDry(TM), an easy-to-use medium for measuring bacteria count and also the company's most important product for overseas customers. During this phase, it made several improvements to the application, such as faster counting of colonies, collecting and utilizing AI learning data, new convenience features and additional functions, all of which are now included in the released service.

@BactLAB(TM) official website:
Application available at: Google Play / Apple Store / Amazon Appstore / Online Service
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@BactLAB(TM) Service Overview
  • Auto count with global cloud access, available on multiple devices (PC / Android / iPhone)
  • Cloud storage function of counted data
  • Exportable reports (in .csv file or .jpg file format)
  • Chat Bot support on the official website
* This service is an application designed exclusively for CompactDry(TM) customers.
* A Wi-Fi environment is recommended when using the smartphone app.
* Depending on the target image, there may be a counting error of up to 8%.
* A colony count result of "0" does not indicate a negative result.
* Nissui Pharmaceutical takes no responsibility for the analysis results provided by this service.
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SOURCE: Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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