Bumrungrad takes "Horizon Cancer Center" to the next level with advanced

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Bangkok--16 Jul--Bumrungrad Hospital

Bumrungrad Hospital latest data shows that in 2019 the top reason for overseas patients to visit Bumrungrad was to seek cancer treatment, with the highest numbers of patients being from Myanmar and the United Arab Emirates. Cancer is the leading cause of death among people around the world and the number is increasing every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) found that in 2018 there were 18.1 million new cancer cases and 9.6 million deaths from cancer.

Meanwhile in Thailand, the latest data from the Ministry of Health reveals that there are about 120,000 new cases and about 70,000 deaths from cancer each year, with the country's top five most prevalent being liver, lung, breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers accounting for 51.86 percent of all cancer cases.

From its 40 years of experience and leadership in providing world-class holistic health care through innovations. Bumrungrad Hospital features three core competencies or 3C strengths, namely:

Critical care: the provision of care for critically ill patients requiring treatment in the ICUComplicated diseases: Treatment for patients with complicated or severe symptoms and vulnerable patients with a high risk of relapse or deathCutting-edge technology: Care for patients requiring advanced technology need highly skilled doctors or teams of specialists from various fields, personalized care or precision medicine. Modern medical innovations such as robot-assisted surgery, machine learning and AI learning systems also help increase treatment efficiency.

Most recently, Bumrungrad Hospital has taken the "Horizon Cancer Center," an Excellence Center, to the next level to provide comprehensive cancer care with multi-disciplinary teams of specialists coupled with medical personnel with particular expertise in cancer care. This ranges from protection, screening, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up on results and possible complications, psychological care, nutrition, pain management, to close monitoring of the recurrence of the disease.

On-site internationally-accredited labs in the hospital can also offer fast and accurate results. In addition, Bumrungrad operates "Esperance Clinic," which takes a personalized approach to treating cancer with integrated therapies, without resorting to chemotherapy or radiotherapy and thus helps reduce the serious effects of cancer.

Dr. Narongsak Kiatikajornthada, MD. (Hematology & Oncology), Director of the Horizon Cancer Center, Bumrungrad Hospital, said, “With the advancement in technology and medical science of cancer treatment together with the expertise of doctors, the current fight against cancer has become even more effective. Various treatment methods and techniques are now available, for example, the laparoscopic surgery techniques for qualified lung or colorectal patients. Local excision for rectal cancer can eliminate defecation dysfunction and thus prevents the need for a permanent stoma bag or waste pouch. This is in contrast to the radical surgery required in the past, which could have more serious surgical effects.”

Dr. Narongsak Kiatikajornthada added, “At present, Bumrungrad has an innovative technology to detect gene abnormalities in order to analyze individuals’ cancer risks, making it possible to plan and design self-care programs early, while reducing the risk. Generally cancer is most often caused by external factors, including detrimental eating behavior and lifestyle. Thus, risk groups should be screened and assessed for immediate prevention or treatment.

In case of positive biopsy results, correct diagnosis, precise treatment, effective approaches can follow. With their expertise in biopsies, Bumrungrad pathologists can provide detailed and accurate diagnosis, a crucial step before treatment can start. Treatment plans may combine multiple approaches including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, Volumetric-modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT), stem cell or bone marrow transplants, Brachytherapy (internal radiation therapy), Targeted Therapy, and immunotherapy.”

In developing treatment plans, meetings of multi-disciplinary cancer specialist teams are held, where oncologist, cancer surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, lab technicians, and pharmacists, work together. The IBM Watson for Oncology, an AI innovation, is also at hand to help the medical teams. This is a cognitive computing solution that quickly processes the patient’s own personal data and the fast-growing medical literature, providing expert personalized treatment recommendations for each individual patient.

Dr. Narongsak Kiatikajornthada finally noted, "Cancer patients tend to have anxiety and stress due to various concerns, including doctors’ doctors, the costs, the fear of suffering or pain, and treatment outcomes. Considering the mental state of patients and families as important, Horizon Cancer Center have specialists and multi-disciplinary personnel to provide care in this regard, by way of talking, listening, and boosting morale. Patients and their families can expect their doctors to spend ample time with them to explain treatment procedures and clarifying any questions, for example, differences between methods. It may help ease their anxiety to know that Bumrungrad Hospital has a team of over 30 cancer specialists offering integrated treatment approaches, high quality medicines to reduce side effects, and technology that provides accurate analysis, as well as effective pain management techniques.”

In 2019, Horizon Cancer Center treated over 24,000 cancer patients with satisfactory results with the physical and mental conditions of the patients and their families playing an important role. Most recently, Bumrungrad Hospital has partnered with Bangkok Life Assurance, upgrading the benefits of the insured under the project "2B Care Privilege," focusing on cancer treatment covering all dimensions.

For additional information, please call 1378 Bumrungrad Hospital.

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