dentsu X Hosts X Decoded 2017

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Bangkok--11 Oct--dentsu X
dentsu X Hosts "X Decoded 2017" Spotlighting Innovations and Unlocking Consumer Insights, Big Data Management & Experience Designin Digital Economy

dentsu X (Thailand) recently hosted an annual seminar "X Decoded 2017" at Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel featuring leading digital gurus to furnish clients and business partners with a new perspective of digital media and strategies. dentsu X strives to be a trusted solution partner providing integrated and addressable solutions combining data and technology with human insights, creativity and customer-based approach which enable the businesses to advance marketing plan and strengthen competitiveness by harnessing the power of technological innovations.

"X Decoded 2017" was part of the activities highlighting the strong dentsu X's concept which came on the theme "'Experience Beyond Exposure' to win in the midst of consumer-led demand economy." In the event, dentsu X (Thailand) highlighted a series of marketing solution ranging from media planning, marketing content creation, technology innovation development to consumer insights and analytics to ensure the prosperity amid rapid changes as well as to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Moreover, dentsu X has also recently launched a press conference unveiling the 2nd year of Team Thailand and Tsukiji Market, the first ever media flea market in Thailand.

Since its rebrand from Dentsu media Thailand to dentsu X (Thailand) in June, the agency has launched a significant transformation aiming to heighten the services and solutions that materialized the proposition "Experience Beyond Exposure" that combines best-in-class services to cater superior experiences and engagements to capably win customer's hearts in Thailand 4.0 era.

"The new name doesn't change who we are; instead, it coherently fortifies us to pursue real integrated and meaningful marketing solutions for clients and business partners," said Sarnchatt Chansrakao, dentsu X's Chief Executive Officer.

To beat an increasingly complicated Business Ecosystem in marketing communications especially the digital activities revolving around daily lives nowadays, Sarnchatt said the agency believes that "Experience" is the no. 1 driver behind actions and is a potent ingredient that disrupts the market.

"It's true that many successful campaigns stem from core components of "3As" which stands for Availability, Accessibility, and Acceptability. However, it's not always the case these days as we see a lot of campaigns encounter friction," said Sarnchatt.

In the ever-changing world, businesses are forced to have to keep up with new business strategies and solutions whereas creating confidence and brand engagement is likewise essential. Sarnchatt said, "That's why dentsu X has laid a foundation of "Experience Beyond Exposure" to deliver the finest solution and service to help clients outdistance other competitors in the fast-paced digital world.

X Decoded was the seminar that rightly underlines dentsu X a leading media agency with the proposition "Experience Beyond Exposure," creating a finer experience for brands with an array of best-in-class services ranging from integrated Big-Data Analytics and Technology to creativity in delivering media strategy magnify the best outcomes.

At the seminar, a pool of tech experts from IBM, Outbrain, Rabbit and Dunnhumby addressed several captivating viewpoints on recent digital technologies. They agreed that Big Data Management has turned into a must-have and cost-cutting tool for media planning to render a more efficient communication strategy. Plus, a new solution platform "DeepDrive" that provides customer's insights and behaviors as well as forecasts changes and future adoption was introduced to help clients and brands stay relevant in the consumer-led economy.

Moreover, Mr. Stienphong Thammasorn, Marketing Consultant specialist shared some insights on Experience Design for Demand Generation. He raised the case about how to build a truly unique retail empire through the vertical integration of the product, retail, and customer experiences within a store.

In addition to local gurus, the seminar brought in global experts shared ideas of utilizing innovations to maximize efficiency. They showcased the use of Artificial Intelligence or AI in current industry suggesting this emerging innovation will revolutionize business's growth in near future. Furthermore, the Content Ideation Agency (CIA), a specialized sports marketing content team also joined as panel bringing up a way to escalate success with content convergence which is a part of dentsu X's DNA. With firm capabilities and know-how on sport and content marketing, dentsu X will be a strong force to deliver campaign's favorable results.

In the event, dentsu X led by dX lab, Innovation & Business Development and Technology team showcased "Smart Shelf," a genius and revolutionary retail shelf platform which will enable a more enjoyable shopping experience and "Emotion Analyzer," a neurotechnological tool that detects user's emotion from brainwaves. Participants were allowed to experience the innovations up close.

"We always committed to the idea of Experience Exceeding Expectation. We aim to get clients ahead in the midst of fiercely competitive markets. We are determined to offer distinct ways and approaches to seek unlimited business opportunities to maximize the promising upshot for clients, partners, and customers. We are determined to being a Trusted Partner to clients and related sectors by pushing the Win-Win-Win outcome to reach goals and strive for substantial and sustainable growth.," Sarnchatt concluded.

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