TIF Expo 2018, brings together lovers of furniture, especially manufacturers, designers, and buyers, reiterating Thailands potential as the hub of the ASEAN region.

General Press Releases Monday February 12, 2018 19:11
Bangkok--12 Feb--Federation of Thai Industries

The Thai Furniture Industry Club, the Federation of Thai Industries, showcased Thai furniture stakeholders' potential with the "Thailand International Furniture Expo 2018", Thailand's top export furniture exhibition served as the platform for joining forces with the private sector and the Expo brought together manufacturers, designers, and buyers. While also celebrating the export value of 3.7 billion THB and positioning Thailand as the center of ASEAN furniture manufacturing.

The Thai furniture industry plays an integral role in stimulating and driving the national economy, with its potential and readiness accompanied by long-standing expertise in design and manufacturing and also the added strength from the stakeholders. Thus, the Thai Furniture Industry Club, the Federation of Thai Industries, with over 20,000 square meters of space, will organize the "Thailand International Furniture Expo 2018" (TIF Expo 2018), from the 7th – 11th March 2018, at Challenger Hall 2, IMPACT Area, Exhibition & Convention Center.

Mr. Chen Namchaisiri, Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), said that the furniture industry is one of the key industries that is contributing massively to the national revenue as the export value stands at an impressive 3.7 billion THB, an increase of 3.14% over the previous year. This number has the potential to continually grow especially in the CLMV countries in the ASEAN region because of the expansion of the economy and investment in various fields.

The public sector has encouraged furniture stakeholders to develop new products by utilizing creativity, which would result in innovative products and services. This would help enable stakeholders to step into the stage of international trade, while also assisting in the marketing promotion policies by presenting the potential of the Thai furniture industry in becoming a major exporter of furniture in ASEAN.

"Currently, the Thai furniture stakeholders have for a long time gained vast experiences in both the domestic and international markets, and have a rather high potential in terms of designing, the quality of the products, and craftsmanship. At the same time, stakeholders are constantly developing new products to attract and accommodate the satisfaction of various markets by using natural materials that are environmentally friendly such as the rubberwood, and this is certainly one of the major strengths of the Thai furniture stakeholders".

Khun Chen continued on to say that the Thailand International Furniture Expo 2018 (TIF Expo 2018) is the perfect opportunity for the Thai Furniture Industry Club, the Federation of Thai Industries, to reaffirm their potential as this is the first inaugural Expo to have the private sector join forces in organizing this year's Expo at the international level. Within the Expo, there will be international buyers who will be negotiating for business opportunities which would ultimately be beneficial to the Thai industries, and support SME stakeholders who are also a significant force in driving the economy.

As the Expo is organized annually in March, this is for the furniture industry and businessmen from all over the world to travel to the ASEAN region to inspect the products and services available, especially in Thailand.

"Thailand is highly considered as the high quality and world class manufacturers of furniture as the country has a large number of expert designers, readiness in materials, immaculate craftsmanship, and is able to meet the clients' desired deadline. Thailand is currently exporting furniture to various countries such as; America, Japan, Europe, and CLMV countries who are continually growing. The world class high quality products are also reasonably priced and this would undoubtedly help thrust Thailand as the leading and center of furniture export in the ASEAN region" said Khun Chen.

Mr.Chaiyong Pongsutthimanas, Chairman of the Thai Furniture Industry Club, Federation of Thai Industries, added that the Thailand International Furniture Expo 2018 (TIF Expo 2018) is the event for fine furniture for export which brings together Thailand's leading furniture manufacturers and also the very first time that a furniture exhibition is dedicated to and pays particular attention to the dimension of interior design.

"This Expo is about interior design and is targeted towards designers or stakeholders who are on the lookout for designers, and as for the spectators, they are able to draw inspiration from the Expo and are able to apply to their own homes as the Expo will be bring together manufacturers and designers. We have a vision that when people think of furniture exhibitions, the first and only name that would come to their minds is the TIF Expo, as we have the best experts on hand and all things furniture for you".

The TIF Expo 2018 is organized under the theme of "The Signature of Living" that would surely satisfy buyers and consumers on all spectrums, the Expo brings together over 100 furniture stakeholders who are ready to present their unique products.

"The TIF Expo 2018 is certainly intended to display the potential of the Thai manufacturers with their new ideas and innovative products from leading designers and manufacturers. Whether it's the bedroom, living room, kitchen or home office, you can rest assure in the premium quality and high standardization for exports, answers the needs for the modern consumer. With sophisticated designs that is ideal for homes, condominiums, restaurants, resorts, or spas, which has the likelihood for continued growth. The Expo could also serve as an inspiration for architects and interior designers to expand their creativity with new and exciting designs, and also for spectators, they could also draw up inspiration and apply them to their own homes" said Khun Chaiyong.

Furthermore, the TIF Expo also supports of the newcomers in the design world and an area dedicated to the new faced designers to showcase and sell their products, head over to the Design Plant zone to see their creations, and there is also the Young Designer Showcase zone that exhibits the creations and designs of students from over 10 universities.

We invite designers, businessmen, and all those interested to join and draw inspiration for new creative ideas at the Thailand International Furniture Expo 2018 (TIF Expo 2018), ), from the 7th – 11th March 2018, at Challenger Hall 2, IMPACT Area, Exhibition & Convention Center. The operation times are as follows;