ConsenSys Venture Kaleido Invests in APAC in Collaboration with Amazon Web Services to Satisfy Surging Enterprise Demand for Blockchain

General Press Releases Tuesday July 10, 2018 15:02
HONG KONG--10 Jul--PRNewswire/InfoQuest
  • To meet surging demand for blockchain solutions among enterprises and governments in APAC, ConsenSys venture Kaleido unveils major investment and expands availability of its Blockchain Business Cloud into two new Amazon Web Services regions in Asia Pacific and launches significant new regional projects.

Kaleido, a ConsenSys business launched in   collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), is announcing substantial new investment and expansion of its Blockchain Business Cloud in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. This is in response to APAC's leadership in adopting blockchain technologies, and the region's increasing demand for new trade connectivity infrastructure sought by government and businesses for the fourth industrial revolution. Kaleido is available today in Sydney and Seoul, with several other regions coming soon.

Blockchain is a key technology allowing for a new era of innovation that can change the way we live and work. Growing economic integration between APAC countries that make up new trade blocs like the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), exponential growth in the e-commerce sector, and increasing cross-border payments demonstrate that the enhanced trust and transparency of blockchain are greatly needed. Its broad applicability across all major industries promises great improvements to many transaction flows and business processes. Kaleido's ability to streamline the creation of secure, permissioned business networks is empowering organizations to accelerate their transformation through the use of blockchain technology.

Steve Cerveny, Founder and CEO of Kaleido says, "To meet the unique requirements of enterprises and government organizations, Kaleido is built with enterprise qualities in its DNA." With blockchain consortiums comprised of leading enterprises and governments in Europe and the West already on the platform, Kaleido is expanding to the AWS data centers in Asia Pacific (Sydney) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) Regions, with several others planned in coming months. This offers APAC businesses a proven environment with the global scale, security, and qualities of service necessary for production grade blockchain networks.

Joe Lubin, Co-Founder of Ethereum and CEO of ConsenSys says, "Serious investment in enterprise blockchain initiatives across Asia Pacific is off the charts. Building on our partnership and the significant regional presence with AWS, Kaleido and ConsenSys Solutions APAC are meeting this demand and are well poised to scale and grow quickly throughout the region. This is just the beginning, there's much more to come."

Caifeng Gene, a genomic data sequencing, collection and analytics company based in Shanghai, has selected the Kaleido platform to provide a breakthrough permissioned data exchange. The company will initially focus on improving early diabetes detection, prevention, and management which already affects over 110 million patients in China and nearly 10 percent of the adult population. The company will utilize Kaleido to build a consortium around Diabetes Reference Cohort data as well as patient diagnostic data.

Other participants of the consortium will include hospitals, genome sequencing service providers, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies. Using blockchain technologies provided by Kaleido, the participating organizations will be able to securely and efficiently share medical records, lab data, genotype data from microarrays, and DNA data from Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), in order to develop evidence-based treatment plans tailored to each individual patient, while ensuring personal privacy.

"The goal is to empower individuals to protect, share and monetize their own data and transact with pharma and biotech companies that are looking to harness that data for medical research and development," states Lifeng Tian Ph.D and CEO of Caifeng Gene (Shanghai). "With Kaleido we have found a renowned partner and a proven platform to help deliver and accelerate blockchain-based data sovereignty and permissioned exchange scenarios. This will ultimately lead to faster diabetes medical discoveries through precise diagnosis and can therefore dramatically improve the public health of this particular population."

Another example of Kaleido empowering industry transformation is Project i2i, a growing consortium of Philippine banks coming together to bring financial inclusion to its rural communities. Inter-bank transactions can take up to a month, however Project i2i's blockchain-based payment network enabled by the Kaleido platform can reduce this to less than five minutes and eliminates the need for paper-based record keeping and manual transactions.

Kaleido is available today on AWS Marketplace by visiting or from the Kaleido website at .
To learn more or try Kaleido, visit
To learn more about the Kaleido and AWS collaboration, read the global press release .
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