Six Ideas to Catch your Summer Moments With IKEAs Special SOMMAR 2019 Collection

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Bangkok--4 Mar--ABM

Say goodbye to the brief winter breeze that has already left us and get ready to welcome the vibrant summer. Many of us have been dreaming of long vacations somewhere far, far away where we can rest and recharge, but loads of time-off and lavish trips are not always possible. That's why IKEA is suggesting six ideas to catch your summer moments. There's a common need to let go and reset once summer comes around, and to take advantage of those small opportunities that make celebrating summer easy, like having ice cream for lunch, enjoying a spontaneous picnic, or going for an after class swim.

So let's switch it up to summer vacation mode with IKEA's SOMMAR 2019 Collection. Create some cheerful moments with edgy graphic designs and vibrant colourful prints. Enjoy a huge selection of home decorating items, from a bright and bold towel, pouffe, plate and bowl, chic picnic hamper, and more designed in collaboration with Lotta Kuehlhorn and Malin Unnborn, who are known for their geometric and colourful graphic patterns, together with designers from Textilgruppen & Papperian, well-recognised for their paper and textile works.

Here are six ideas to freshen up your home, turning it into the perfect place to chill out this summer...
1. Small spaces for big beginnings

No large backyard? That's okay. During the summer, even the smallest balcony can be turned into a great place to start the day. Catch your summer mornings with a cup of coffee along with the sunshine. Plus, this is a great space to put all of your wet swim gear to dry-off, or stuffy fabrics to air out in the summer breeze.

Must-have items for your beach trip this year!
SOMMAR 2019 towel, 499 baht
SOMMAR 2019 cushion case, 199 baht
SOMMAR 2019 fabric, 199 baht/meter
2. Turn it inside out

Create a little corner under the tree to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the warm sun bathing as though you were on vacation. Just move your small sofa to a quiet corner to sip some afternoon tea, or to catch a glimpse of the sunset. Add an exciting vibe and a stylish touch with a colourful rug or lamp with printed patterns.

HAVSTEN 2-seat sofa for either indoor or outdoor use, 17,200 baht
SOLVINDEN lamp, 199 – 1,499 baht
3. Afternoon tea?

Do you know that drinking warm beverages in warm weather can actually help the body cool down? Sounds counter-intuitive, right? However, by increasing your body temperature, you're also letting more heat evaporate from your skin, thereby cooling the body down. Pretty cool, don't you think?

SOMMAR 2019 tea pot, 499 baht
SOMMAR 2019 cup with saucer, 299 baht
SOMMAR 2019 glass, 249 baht/6 pieces
SOMMAR 2019 tray, 199 baht
SOMMAR 2019 picnic hamper, 790 baht
4. Comfy, come rain or shine

Decorate your living corner to enjoy some ice-cream under the summer sun, and support your back with a small but comfy cushion. The trick is using cushions that are water repellent and fade-resistant to catch the summer colour shades. You don't have to worry about them getting wet, just simply shake them off and they'll be ready to use again.

FUNKÖN cushion, 299 baht
FESTHOLMEN cushion case, 359 baht
5. One pouffe, many possibilities

Whether you spend your summer vacation indoors, watching a late-night TV series, or reading outside in the sun, this pouffe doubles as a comfy spot to sit or as a foot stool to rest your feet on an extra soft surface.

OTTERÖN-INNERSKÄR pouffe and cover, 1,980 baht
6. The more, the merrier

When it's time for the weekend, IKEA invites everyone to the cook-out. Don't keep yourself in the house, because eating together means more delicious dishes, louder laughter and a wider smile on your face. So, whether you're in your backyard, at the nearest beach or in the city park, just ask your loved ones to join you - the more, the merrier, wouldn't you agree?

Get ready to recharge and to add a colourful summer vibe with IKEA's summer collection, available today at IKEA Mega Bangna, and IKEA Bang Yai at CentralPlaza Westgate. Visit for further details.

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