Tops Joins Forces For The Latest City Big Event 4th Durian Buffet Festival! The Original Thailands Amazing Durian and Fruit Fest 2019

General Press Releases Friday April 19, 2019 13:54
Bangkok--19 Apr--Polyplus PR

To reinforce the status of Thailand as the Best Event Destination, a consortium of the public-private sector has co-hosted "The Original Thailand's Amazing and Fruit Fest 2019" at CentralWorld. The consortium comprises Central Food Retail Co., Ltd., The Management Team of Central Food Hall and TOPS, Department of Internal Trade-Ministry of Commerce, Tourism Authority of Thailand, and CentralWorld. It is the largest fruit buffet festival ever held in Thailand for the fourth consecutive year. The festival has now started and will go on until April 25, 2019, at Square B and Square C, CentralWorld. The ticket is Baht 479 per person. We also offer special pricing for the group: 5 tickets for the price of 4 persons. According to the event organizers, this festival will further reinforce the status of Thailand as a "World Tropical Fruit Trading Nation." Not only that the festival will showcase our produces, especially Durian, but it will also strengthen international acceptance for quality and standards, promote Thai fruit consumption and tourism, support economic growth, and strengthen our agricultural sector and sustainability. As a measure of confidence building, we are prepared to guarantee the quality of Durian and other tropical fruits on display at the festival as the best possible in the given season. Such a guarantee will come from the only Durian Guru in the country.

Ms. Phattraporn Phenpraphat, Executive Vice President of Central Food Retail, the festival is a component of our Gastronomy Tourism Promotion Strategy employing Thai tropical fruits as the pull factor to enhance the visibility and recognition of Thailand's status as the "World Tropical Fruit Trading Nation." It represents collective attempts of the public and private sectors. The goals of this strategy are to generate foreign exchange income from overseas tourists, support growth in the economy-particularly the agricultural sector, upgrade the quality of fresh fruits and strengthen the production of processed fruits to meet international requirements. The organization of "The Original Thailand's Amazing and Fruit Fest 2019" is to reinforce the visibility and recognition on an on going basis. Also, we are hopeful that the festival, the fourth consecutive year, will result in Thailand becoming the Best Event Destination for local and overseas tourists alike. Our past successes have given us confidence that the festival in 2019 will continue to be successful. Past festivals show that 60% of attendants were overseas tourists and all tickets were sold out. The festival in 2019, a total of 130,000 of them are projected to come to the festival. The success of the festival over the years has benefited all parties concerned.

To further add credibility to the festival, TOPS is honored to welcome Dr. Songpol Somsri, Durian Specialist and Modifier, to take part in the festival. He is considered the leading expert in research and development on Durian in Thailand. He is knowledgeable in all Durian-related areas-including accessions, passport data, introduction, collection, characterization, evaluation and selection, hybridization, and efficient delivery system from sources to consumers. As a result, Central Food Hall and TOPS have capitalized on his unique expertise to the fullest extent possible. At "The Original Thailand's Amazing Durian and Fruit Fest 2019," he will utilize his fruit-selection ability for the enjoyment of all attendants.

"The Original Thailand's Amazing Durian and Fruit Fest 2019" will held for the 4th year between April 19 – 25, 2019 at Square B and C, Central World in 2 designated zones.

Quality Durian and Tropical Fruits Zone: enjoy the 60-minute buffet with 11 juicy choices including quality creamy delectable Monthong Durian at your scale of ripeness, sweet and fluffy ivory Chanthaburi Mangosteen by farmer community with eyes for great quality, easy-peel and scrumptious juicy Rongrien Rambutan by Trad Farmer Community, fresh from farm fragrant Long Kong from Chanthaburi, honeye and plump , Melon from Social Enterprise of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Kinnaree Watermelon from Sakonnakorn Farmer Community , refreshing aromatic Fragrant Coconut by Earth Safe Foundation from Ratchaburi, mango and durian with Nonthaburi's famous Mae Prapaisri sticky rice made with Kheaw-Ngu Sticky Rice from Chiang Rai, coconut milk dressing from Amphawa coconut – Mae Klong, and ripe plump Nam Dok Mai Mango from Amphoe Lan Sak Chemical-Free Mango Producer for Export Community Enterprise – Uthai Thani, and tangy Kaew Kamin Mango with savory sweet fish sauce dip and coconut ice-cream.

Tickets available daily at 479 Baht /Person with 5 sessions including 11.00 – 12.00 / 13.00 – 14.00 / 15.00 – 16.00 / 17.00 – 18.00 / 19.00 – 20.00 (60-minute course). Special!!! Buy 5 Pay 4 Buy Ticket At the event: Ticket Booth between April 19 – 25, 2019

Special Deals!!!!
1. Buy 5 Pay 4
2. AIS & AIS Fibre Clients: redeem the special offer at the Ticket Booth for discounted price at 419 B. (from 479 B.)
3. The 1 Members: 3,700 points + 1 Baht = 1 buffet ticket (values 479B)
4. The 1 Central Credit Card Holders: receive up to 18% discount for every purchase with The 1 Central points in both Buffet Zone and Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market Zone: help promote market extension and sustainable income for local farmers and social enterprises by bringing to the shelves quality seasonal fruit produces including Pa La-u Monthong (Golden Pillow) Durian from Prachuap Khiri Khan, Koh Chang Chanee (Gibbon) Durian from Trad, Chanthaburi / Prachinburi / Nonthaburi Monthong, Chanthaburi Kanyao (Long Stem), organic mangosteen, Siam Ruby Pomelo from Nakhon Si Thammarat, well-known brands of fruit and vegetable products , souvenirs and gifts along with packing services for travelers.

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