PHNIX Releases a New Agricultural Heat Pump Dryer with Saving up to 75% on Operating Costs in Southeast Asia

General Press Releases Monday April 29, 2019 08:38
GUANGZHOU,China--29 Apr--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Information from the agricultural products processing industry in Southeast Asia shows that with the growing scale of high value-added crops in some local countries, the demand for energy-saving drying equipment of fruits and vegetables is also increasing. Since the start of 2019, PHNIX, a leading heat pump dryer manufacture in China, has launched the high-efficiency agricultural heat pump dryer, which was previously developed for the European market and has been exported to Europe and the Southeast Asian market. This heat pump dryer is energy efficient and can save up to 75% on operating costs, according to Mr. Jab Fan, Director of PHNIX Heat Pump Drying and House Heating Division.

Mr. Li Wei, PHNIX product manager, said that users from Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, and the Philippines have high demand for agricultural drying equipment. In fact, PHNIX heat pump dryers have many successful applications in China, Europe and Southeast Asia, and more and more Southeast Asian business partners have strong interest in importing new PHNIIX agricultural heat pump dryers with heat recovery and COP 3.8.

About PHNIX Agriculture Heat Pump Dryer

Wide range of applications : PHNIX heat pump dryer can be widely used in the drying of agricultural fields, including the drying of fresh fruits, vegetable, nuts, food products, and crop seeds. In addition, the unit can also be used for drying of seafood and even wood and building materials.

Saving up to 75% on operating costs : PHNIX heat pump dryer is more energy efficient. Compared with coal, fuel and gas drying equipment, it can save operating costs up to 75% according to some customers.

A unique heat recovery solution with a COP 3.8 : The unit recovers a large amount of waste heat released to the outside during dehumidifying by heat exchange, and the heat recovery efficiency is over 60%, which reduces the power consumption by more than 60% compared with the traditional electric heating and drying equipment. The energy efficiency ratio is as high as 3.8.

Automatic temperature control : PHNIX heat pump unit adopts self-controlled constant temperature device to ensure reasonable temperature and humidity required for drying. The unit adopts 7-inch industrial liquid crystal display, which sets different drying curves and realizes intelligent management of one-key setting.

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