Central Embassy presents an immersive art exhibition #ANIMA MUNDI: Soul of the World by world-renowned eco-artist Mulyana to raise awareness in saving the environment and our habitat

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Bangkok--6 Aug--Central Embassy

To take part in raising awareness and encouraging people to help save our planet and do their bit. Central Embassy together with Indonesia's famous environmental artist Mulyana proudly present the eco-art exhibition 'ANIMA MUNDI: Soul of the World'; the artist's first exhibition in Thailand and the largest scale to date, from today – 1st September 2019 on Level G, Central Embassy. The environment we live in and share together requires everyone's attention, let's come save our habitat together now.

In this exhibition, Mulyana is bringing his newly created and all of his masterpieces, such as the massive 12m long whale skeleton, made from discarded metal, with plants and trees intertwining with it. There is a 5m tall Mogus, which is the artist's alter-ego.

4 whales, 5,000 fish mobiles and a coral reef are all brought to life from fabrics and yarns that were left over or cast-off from factories.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was recently held and was welcomed by Central Embassy's Managing Director Barom Bhicharnchitr, was honored by the artist Mulyana who personally attends the event, and joined by eco-conscious celebrities

such as ML Rojanatorn Na Songkhla, Pisit Na Patalung, Asst.prof.Dr. Wechsawan Lakas, Dominic Chakrabongse, Sakson Rouypirom, Aurapraphan Sudhinaraset, Phannapast Taychamaythakool along with Ornicha Krinchai, a famous Thai actress and singer.

The concept of the exhibition is the artist's hope, dreams and imagination, as he invites everyone to realize that the world is getting more and more fragile. Soon, there could be nothing left of it but distant memories. In this exhibition, Mulyana is bringing his newly created and all of his masterpieces, such as the massive 12m long whale skeleton, made from discarded metal, with plants and trees intertwining with it. The whale is one of the biggest mammals that ever lived, but today they are threatened with extinction by humans, both directly and indirectly. The whale skeleton is a symbol of life and death in nature, to remind us that there are consequences to what we're doing, and that we have a role to play in saving the planet. There is also the 5m tall Giant Mogus, which is the artist's alter-ego. The gigantic octopus is his signature piece, made of unused bulky yarn with colorful cotton filling. Visitors can be part of the Mogus, create their own monster and take some imaginative photos to share. The experience is a great reminder that we all take part in destroying and conserving the environment.

Another installation is four large whales, measuring 2 and 1.5 metres in height, made from discarded cotton, and a whale skeleton installation to serve as a reminder that whales, the largest mammals that have ever lived on earth, have been exploited, mainly before 1800's when whale oil was majorly hunted. He's also bringing with him his previous masterpieces from Indonesia to debut in Thailand, including 5,000 fish mobiles, coral reefs and marine animals, all brought to life from fabrics and yarns that were left over or cast-off from factories.

Central Embassy's Managing Director Barom Bhicharnchitr says, "Central Embassy recognizes that our world is faced with environmental issues today. In this exhibition, we present eco arts by Mulyana, a world-famous eco-artist who will showcase his works in Thailand for the first time. His works highlight how waste materials can be brought back to life and turned into creative and useful items. The space is arranged to offer artistic inspiration, and everyone is invited to take part in our eco-friendly activities. We are proud to play a role in raising awareness and passing on lifestyle ideas in which people recognize the need to save the environment and best utilize our natural resources, in order to sustainably conserve nature and our environment."

ANIMA MUNDI is an expression which can best be defined as the "Soul of the World". This art exhibition brings you to explore the amazing underwater world through knit work. Instead of using new yarns, the artist uses discarded materials such as rubber, plastic and fabric from factories, and knits them into imaginary creatures, including sculpture and installation art, which are like his alter-ego. Mulyana is inspired by beautiful and mysterious marine animals, particularly in creating the Mogus (Monster), such as Gurita (octopus), which have become his signature.

The giant octopus's countless tentacles represent human hands and arms that are capable of many things which can affect the environment, leading to environmental problems. On the other hand, we are also capable to protecting and saving the environment. This piece of work is the artist's way of showing appreciation to nature for creating all lives and creatures on this planet.

Mulyana is an Indonesian artist from Yogyakarta who is committed to using art as a medium and sharing positive values through his works. He has created wonderful creatures and colorful coral using knitting techniques and making use of waste materials. The former

art teacher created his alter ego in a form of mysterious underwater creatures. His creations have been showcased at fine art events, both local and international, such as in Australia and Singapore.

In addition to this exhibition, there are many activities which invite everyone to raise awareness about re-using materials, such as artist-led workshops on weekends, twice a day at 1-3PM and 4-6PM (limited to 20 participants per session) to make accessories from discarded materials, make dolls from scrap fabrics, and make coasters, earrings and pencil cases from plastic bags. There are also activities by NGOs every weekend at 2-3.30PM (15 participants per session). On 3rd and 4th August, join a discussion and demonstration on how to make use of plastic waste. On 10th-12th August, learn how to make wax-coated fabrics to replace plastic food wraps. On 17th-18thAugust, enjoy learning how to make organic scrub from rice. On 24th-25th August, turn ocean waste into keyrings with Tlejourn. On 31st August-1st September, learn how to separate waste properly and how to make eco bricks. Visitors can make eco-bricks into useful items with Trash Hero Thailand, make use of discarded materials such as turn rubber tires into wallets, and vinyls into keychains, at 11AM-8PM (50 participants per day) simply by making a donation to support Greenpeace Thailand.

Join talks from a number of key environmentalists to learn more about sustainable environment conservation on every Sunday from 3 – 4PM. On 4th August, meet Ass Prof Wechsawan Lakas of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University who will talk about "Road Recycle to Change the Plastic Bag Issues in Our Country". On 11st August, Dominic-Puwasawat Chakrabongse of Precious Plastic Bangkok under the topic "Plastic is not the problem if we know how to use it". On 18th August, Dr Sirikul Laukaikul, Country Director of Sustainable Brands will talk about "Saving the Environment in Brands' Perspectives". On 25th August, Dr Nattapong Nithi-Uthai of Department of Rubber Technology and Polymer Science from Faculty of Science and Technology will talk about "Adapting to Our Future Environment", and on 1st September, Greenpeace Thailand's Pichmol Rugrod will talk about "Living Life with Environmental and Social Awareness".

There are also eco-friendly products, such as organic T-shirts, tote bags, belt bags, and multipurpose cloths made from plastic bottles depicting energy-saving and recycling information. The products are designed just for this event, and all proceeds will go to Greenpeace Thailand. Everyone can also join in saving the habitat together by throwing the single-use plastics away with us, such as clean plastic bags and bottles, which will then be re-cycled and re-used to make building blocks for Wat Umong in Chiang Mai by Thailand Green Road, founded by Ass Prof Wechsawan Lakas. (4,000 plastic bags can make enough blocks for 1 sq m)

More importantly, this exhibition is one of the five world-class partnership projects that Central Embassy has prepared for the occasion of its 5th anniversary, and marks an important first step of many other creative eco-friendly projects to come in the future. During the exhibition, Central Embassy will also partner with The Institute of Marine Science, Burapha University and Wildlife Fund Thailand Under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the Queen to do an ocean conservation project at Bangsaen Beach on 24th August 2019 at

9AM – 4PM. Plastic products will then be re-cycled to make building blocks for Wat Umong in Chiang Mai by Thailand.
#ANIMAMUNDI #SouloftheWorld
#CE5thAnniversary #CentralEmbassy #LetLifeInspireYou
About Mulyana
Mulyana was born in 1984, and grew up in Bandung, Indonesia. He studied at the Department of Fine Arts at the Indonesia University of Education (UPI) in 2005.

Mulyana has been involved in a number of local and international fine art events, such as: 'A Man, A Monster and the Sea', The Good Shed, Australia (2019);' 'Multiple Hands', Selasar Sanaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia (2019); 'Enlightenment', ART/JOG/11, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2018); 'Coral Atlas', Artporters, Art Central Hong Kong (2018); 'Age of Hope', Biennale Jogja XIV-Equator #4, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2017); 'Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under The Sea', Singapore Art Museum, Singapore (2016); 'Mogus World', Galeri Gerilya, Bandung & Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2012). His main visions are set up to create soft statues of coral and The Mogus (octopus monster) in knitted yarns.

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