Test Your Courage in Mega Ghost Festival: Black Magic October 18 31, 2019, at Mega Plaza, 1 st Floor of Megabangna

General Press Releases Wednesday October 9, 2019 14:12
Bangkok--9 Oct--Triple P Connection

This Halloween, Megabangna dares the brave minds to enter the world of mysterious Thai black magic in "Mega Ghost Festival: Black Magic" between October 18 and 31, 2019, at Mega Plaza, 1st floor of Megabangna. Their mission is to get into "Tamil Dhewalai", the black magic mansion with eight spine-chilling rooms in a diabolical alley. This dark place, full of eerie stories, is waiting for fearless people to conquer it. The challengers who can escape from this mansion will earn a chance to win prizes worth over 100,000 baht.

Held for six consecutive years, Mega Ghost Festival increases the degree of horror each year. This year, the event presents Thai beliefs in black magic amulets with the fictional story of "Tamil Dhevalai", the black magic mansion in a diabolical alley. People flock to this place to wish for fame, fortune, power, and popularity. Once their wishes were granted, many forget to keep the promise they made in return of those wishes. Then, they have to face the most terrible consequence.

Megabangna rebuilt a larger "Tamil Dhevalai" that covers the whole area of Mega Plaza. The braved ones are tasked to enter eight rooms in the mansion. First, they have to pass the Hall of Spell at the entrance of Tamil Dhevalai. The faithfuls of Arjarn Tamil come here to receive amulets without realizing that this place is cursed and damned. It is haunted by countless spirits that could not fulfill their promises. Next, the scrapyard of broken spirit houses is the perfect hiding place of evils. Then, the challengers will walk along the Path of Spirits in the isolated forest. Many spirits haunt this path in the hope that kindhearted people will make merit for them. Unfortunately, only the sinners chose this path and leave their hope in vain. In the Diabolical Alley, a small community once located here was struck by something horrible, causing the residents to leave their houses. So, there are only evil spirits trapped inside, waiting to be released to take revenge. Next, the brave minds must step into the scrapyard of inauspicious items forbidden for those wearing black magic amulets. If they come in contact with these items, the black magic will turn against them. This mansion is also haunted by ghosts of the unborn, overwhelmed with a desire for revenge. If the owners take good care of them, all wishes will be granted. However, failing to do so will cause their lives. The horror will end in Room 7 and 8, which keep the most terrifying secret, before the challengers can escape from Tamil Dhevalai.

The fearless people are dared to join "Mega Ghost Festival: Black Magic" between October 18 and 31, 2019 from noon to midnight at Mega Plaza, 1st floor of Megabangna (for those aged 13 and over only). Tickets cost 300 baht each. Exclusively for Megabangna Application customers, they can purchase the tickets for only 200 baht. For ticket reservation, please visit www.zipeventapp.com from today to October 31, 2019. For more information, please call 02-105-1000 or visit www.mega-bangna.com.

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