COTTON USA hosts the Cotton Day 2019 The annual celebration played up WHATS NEW IN COTTON? and introduced six new licensees, whose new collections offer cutting-edge cotton fabric performance technologies to address multi-lifestyle needs of young peo

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Bangkok--20 Nov--Verve

COTTON USA celebrated the Cotton Day 2019 in an event that highlighted "WHAT'S NEW IN COTTON?" and introduced 7th Street, The Zign, R.A.D. Jeans, Pacific Union, Double Goose and Davie Jones as new licensees of COTTON USA. The celebration showcased the latest collections from all these six brands, under "UNLIMITED URBAN LIFESTYLE" concept, that bring innovative technologies to life in their U.S. cotton products to meet modern-day needs of young people across diverse lifestyles. Professional actors and models, Weir-Sukollawat Kanarot, Mario Maurer, Baifern-Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, Patt-Napapa Tantrakul, Golf-Pichaya Nitipaisalkul, Toni Rakkaen and Kan Kantathavorn walked the runway to present special attributes of the new collection in a magnificent fashion show during the event.

Mr. Kraipob Pangsapa, COTTON USA ASEAN Representative, said, "Cotton Day is celebrated every year in collaboration with textile industry suppliers, licensees, consumers and the media. The event this year is the 11th annual celebration. It carries forward the global "WHAT'S NEW IN COTTON?" campaign that was officially launched last year to present the latest cotton innovations and technologies to our licensees and textile industry entrepreneurs across the world. This will inspire them with new ideas for U.S. cotton blends as well as opportunities to enhance product performance and functionality to meet lifestyle needs of the consumers more precisely. Innovation and technology are integral to U.S. cotton. They are one of the reasons why U.S. cotton is 'THE COTTON THE WORLD TRUSTS'"

"This year's Cotton Day highlights introduction of six leading brands as new COTTON USA licensees, namely 7th Street, The Zign, R.A.D. Jeans, Pacific Union, Double Goose and Davie Jones," he continued. "The event will showcase the latest collections from these brands. They feature six world-class cotton innovations and technologies for greater performance of t-shirts, polo shirts and leggings, resulting in optimum comfort, stretch and breathability that allow these items to serve very well as everyday clothing in the Thai climate."

"The 2018 Global Lifestyle Monitor revealed that one-third of consumers in many countries across the world are willing to pay more for clothing that addressed their specific needs. This finding reaffirms that consumers value innovative technologies that can solve their clothing issues. At the same time, t-shirts, polo shirts and leggings are popular everyday pieces of today's time. Introducing innovative technologies to them will therefore increase the comfort and confidence and respond to unmet functionality needs of the wearers. All the six licensee brands have integrated innovative technologies into their products. 7th Street features innovative Life Natural technology that blends mint extract with U.S. cotton to deliver long-lasting freshness and odor control by gently inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The Zign offers PERMA, an innovative antibacterial textile technology that works to inhibit the growth of bacteria, which can otherwise cause unpleasant odors, skin problems, sinusitis and allergy. This technology also provides anti-UV and moisture-wicking benefits. R.A.D. Jeans presents SUPER STRETCH technology that blends cotton with spandex for wearers' comfort and freedom of movement. Meanwhile, Pacific Union introduces Dry-Tech(R) fabric innovation that employs a special weaving technique to create double-layer construction. Dry-Tech(R) fabrics provides enhanced moisture transport and breathability as well as shape retention for longer product life overall. Double Goose integrates Super Soft KOOL COTTON innovation into its products. The yarns are treated in Super Soft process to create soft, comfortable touch on the skin. This is combined with KOOL COTTON technology for lightweight comfort of the fabric. Davie Jones comes with FILAGEN(R) technology. FILAGEN(R) fabrics have collagen peptides incorporated into their cotton cellulose fiber. This helps retain skin moisture while providing anti-odor, anti-UV benefits and cool touch to the wearers," Mr. Kraipob explained.

Mr. Worasak Suphalukwatjana, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of One Star International Co., Ltd., began "For 2019, we are pleased to expand our portfolio with three new brands, optimized to meet more specific customer groups namely 7th Street, The Zign, and R.A.D. Jeans." He elaborated on 7th Street, a Thai street fashion brand with inspiration from New York City. "This special collection is a definitive answer to lifestyles of Thai customers. It encompasses modern design as well as our proprietary moisture and odor reduction innovation called 'Life Natural.' Key pieces for this collection are t-shirts with street fashion details, suitable with every wearer."

Mr. Worasak also talked about The Zign, a brand that combines high fashion and streetwear, "This collection's inspiration comes from the vivid colors of traffic signs. Incorporating 'Perma', it offers moisture transport, odor control and protection against skin conditions, sinusitis, and allergy. The collection gives the wearers all-day comfort upon wearing, suitable for those who are extreme sports and fashion lovers."

Ms. Phakkasupat Pecharawiwat, Brand Manager of R.A.D. Jeans under One Star International Co., Ltd., said about the clothing brand for women who loves showing their own style of sexiness, "Our brand is perfect for women who are daring and confident of themselves to express their own style of sexiness through clothes. The collection incorporates the SUPER STRETCH technology which helps create better proportions while retaining wearers' comfort and flexibility of movement, thanks to the blend of U.S. cotton fabric and spandex. Therefore, the key pieces from this collection such as t-shirts and jean leggings that come with iconic brand's design and are versatile for wearing in any occasion."

Ms. Korapat Thanomsakkul, Brand Manager of Pacific Union, Robinson Public Company, revealed "The Urban Lover Collection took an inspiration from the hidden charm in the hustle and bustle of a big city. It sports simple, contemporary street-wear items suitable for a variety of everyday activities. The collection integrates Dry-Tech(R) fabric innovation that provides enhanced moisture transport and breathability for wearing comfort and agility. Answering well to urban wearers' needs with a simple-elegant style and functions for daily use, the "Urban Lover" Collection features key pieces which are polo-shirts and t-shirts for men.

Mr. Kunakorn Dhanasarnsombat, Managing Director of Thailand Knitting Factory Co., Ltd. talked about "Double Goose," a classic brand with its long presence in Thailand for over 60 years, "The special collection 'Super Soft KOOL COTTON' is catered to everyday life of young gen. With our brand identity using good-quality fabrics and intricate sewing process, the collection combines Super Soft KOOL COTTON innovation to create a soft, comfortable wearing touch of the fabric. The collection can be worn in any occasion, suitable for wearers who prefer simple and classic style for their everyday wear. Key pieces for unisex choices include polo-shirts and t-shirts which are available in basic colors like white, black, gray, navy blue and any colors according to fashion trend."

Ms. Sipim Thongthammaroj, Chief Marketing Officer of VPRS International Co., Ltd., talked about Davie Jones, an urban brand for those who love freedom, that "our special collection highlights the brand's adaptability, so wearers can mix and match all items—including jeans, jogger pants, and jackets—to suit their needs or occasions. Our advanced FILAGEN(R) technology can help retain skin moisture and offers great ventilation that will boost our customers' confidence. Our key items are t-shirts for men. They are available in black and white."

Cotton Day 2019 was joined by business partners, textile industry suppliers, licensees and members of the media. The latest collections were presented through an "Unlimited Urban Lifestyle" fashion show, which depicted diverse lifestyles of young people from morning till nightfall. This cool fashion show featured a strong lineup of Thailand's top models led by Weir-Sukollawat Kanarot, Mario Maurer, Baifern-Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, Patt-Napapa Tantrakul, Golf-Pichaya Nitipaisalkul, Toni Rakkaen and Kan Kantathavorn.

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