Hong Kong: The Fashion City with Amazing Items at Fashion and Lifestyle Trade Fair

General Press Releases Thursday November 7, 2019 13:39
Bangkok--7 Nov--Asia News Center

Hong Kong is well known for its economic success but there are Asia-Pacific fashion brand and designers they setup regional hub in Hong Kong. The Global Sources Fashion and Lifestyle Trade Fair at Asia World Expo in October is one that gather them up and let's see those surprising items discovered in the show:

Bapahome Recyclable Cup

Traditional recyclable cups we are using now can be used repeatedly, but have you ever thought of the cleaning and pollution problems they will bring regarding the long-time use? In the trade fair, there is a first-launched recyclable cup which claims can be "turned over and wash" and can be cleaned easily.

The whole cup which is made of silicone can be turned over and cleaned. The exhibitor stated, "It is our original intention to design a cup which is easy to clean and easy to carry." Not only can it be turned over and cleaned easily, but also can it support microwave heating. After folding, it is only around 5cm big which is convenient to carry.

Apart from this, the company has also designed a hot water bag which imitates cat crawls on the human body. Adopting the design of the different thickness of a cat body, you are like hugging a real cat. It can be used to warm your hands, support your wrist, use for a cold or warm application or simply an accompaniment. The usage of the hot water bag is simple, just fill in the bag with ¾ cold water and put it in the microwave for heating, or directly fill the bag with a similar amount of hot water.

Archon Anti-fouling Mask

The serious air pollution in society nowadays poses threats to our health. This gear invented by this exhibitor can filter out the pollutants in the air. This product is also environmental-friendly, you just have to replace a small part of the filter every day instead of throwing the whole mask away. This can contribute to environmental protection. There are also many designs and colours to choose from. Don't miss the chance if you are allergic or worried about air pollution.

PVC 3D Clock

I found it very interesting when I walked into the booth of Zero To Nine. The exhibitor is a clock manufacturer who makes use of cutting technologies to turn PVC into cute 3D clocks. In addition to its simple appearance, there are also many animal-shaped clocks. They are suitable for families which is stylish or have children.

Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

As more and more people pay attention to the importance of healthy living at homes, automatic foaming soap dispenser has become one of the necessities in each house. The touchless foaming soap dispenser is especially important after the kids finish playing in the playground. This is a fast and convenient way to protect every member at home, killing bacteria and sterilizing easily to ensure everyone's health.

Authentic's Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser has a patented technology. The user has to first put in hand soap into the container, then the machine will automatically turn the soap into foam. Moreover, this product has various designs and colours. It is wireless and uses battery. Combining modern home design and technology, this product can bring convenience to daily lives and improve everyone's quality of life.

Ceramic-like Bamboo Fibre Tableware

Among the household items, I love to look at tableware, especially the beautiful ones. I discovered a brand producing eco-friendly bamboo fibre tableware. Different from the ordinary bamboo fibre, their tablewares look like ceramic products even when we take photos. Their products are lightweight. The design and pattern are trendy and with an exotic sense. If you are going to open a restaurant and looking for tableware, these seem to be a good choice. They are not easy to break and would attract customers to take photos and post on their social media.

Freshome Marble Cutlery Set

The marble pattern is a recent trend and has even infiltrated into the home products. Freshome designed this cutlery set for picnics, which includes water bottles, boxes and cooling bags. It has a soft colour and is suitable for families to use when they are going on a picnic. After laying a mat on the grass, take out the stylish cutlery set and it's photo time!

Electric Waterproof Mop

People live a busy life, not only to deal with the pressure at the workplace but also have to handle housework. Gaujuk introduced the world's first electric waterproof mop. The automated design aims at reducing water and energy. The waterproof function allows the machine to be used in water. In the past, electrical appliances with high energy consumption will need more time for charging, this means we have to keep an eye on the usage. However, this mop can be used for 40 mins after charging for one hour, bringing us convenience.

Smart Wooden Aromatherapy Machine

In recent years, the prevalent idea of smart living, coupled with the pursuit of quality of life by the Hong Kong people, give rise to the smart home products, leading to the introduction of a series of relevant products regarding the social trend. Dituo launched a smart aromatherapy machine with WIFI function and can be controlled with your mobile phone for aromatherapy and humidification. Downloading the corresponding application on your phone, you can choose the LED colour, carry out fog setting, set the timer, etc. The most important point is that having a wooden machine at home will make your home more stylish!

Global Sources Lifestyle (Gifts & Home) Trade Fair is the one and only one sourcing show in Hong Kong which is specialized in creative, curated and innovative gifts, premiums and home products. It focuses on the attitude and concept of quality of life. Most of the products concentrate on sports, health and environmental protection. Apart from major exhibitors, I find the WOW Sparkle Hong Kong Smart Designs exhibition interesting. Those are products on the market now and some of them are creative and with a great sense of localness. There are cutting-edge environmentally-friendly products as well, it is happy to see there are more and more people contributing to the protection of our planet.

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