ICC pushes to expand - Expand the market of women#s shoes fight to Sport shoes market group that holds the customer base to 50%, preparing to find new things present the customers all the time.

General Press Releases Friday November 8, 2019 11:19
Bangkok--8 Nov--I.C.C.International

Looking forward to aiming at the legendary shoes like Naturalizer at 300 million baht, adding more troops to the online market in order to penetrate the growing customer base. Combined with the customer's lifestyle that has changed, After focusing on the customer base aged 35 years and over for many decades. In addition, also preparing to expand the base of the women's shoes market of ICC like Regal Ladies, the famous Japanese brand, Belle & Sofa and Elle - BSC (Shoes), has opened Shop in Shop is a Multi Brand Shop at Siam Takashimaya The Icon Siam, 2nd floor, women's shoes department. And launching the new service model "Easy Order" for the first time of ICC.

On Thursday, November 7, 2019 at the 2nd floor of Siam Takashimaya The Icon Siam, with Mr.Khanisorn Suyanand, Director of shoes, ICC International Public Company Limited made a statement to the press about the overview of women's shoes in ICC International Public Company Limited that the current shoes market grow as you can see well, for example a sports group, the proportion of this type of shoes consumes up to 50% in the market. We must to adjust the new things present to our customers always. For legendary shoes like "Naturalizer" , we aim to grow 30% from last year with a market value of over 300 million baht per year. And we prepare to increase sales through online after discovering that the lifestyle behaviors of consumers have changed a lot, different from the past.

"For competitors, we see that who has the most customer base? That brand has an advantage Therefore, we do not look at many competitors' issues. But looking at the strengths and our more good points In which we have outstanding services such as "Easy Order" or "Customer care" in terms of product repair and being a consultant for domestic customers, especially the "Naturalizer" brand, there are approximately 144 stores while stores abroad are in Myanmar and Laos. Our existing target who have been together for a long time. Age ranges from 35 years and older, so we have to expand our customer base by finding new groups with younger. By adding both the service and the whole product to meet with these groups by about 20%, which is a product with high heels. Mainly focusing on comfort that can be wearing high heels throughout the day. We would like to invite to come to try our products and then decide. "

Mr.Khanisorn also added that opening a shop in shop is a Multi Brand Shop on the 2nd floor of the women's shoes department at Siam Takashimaya, The Icon Siam, that for many brand and the first branch that has a brand of shoes together and is a shop that can choose a variety of shoes. And can be ordered (Easy Order) in various ways. We think that at Siam Takashimaya Department Store It's a modern shopping area. And a new group of people come in and walk a lot. We should get new customers with new lifestyles. From here, the sales that we expect to get from this new store are approximately Three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand baht.

"For the add on the shoes line, we think that should not invest, right now with new brands because our existing brand, we can add more supplemented by service and keeping customers, Outstanding, and we expect that we will expand Easy Order Product, such as adding products and add more channels or even after sales service "

Multi Brand Shop, 2nd Floor, Women's Shoes Department. Siam Takashimaya Department Store The Icon Siam will starting point for the new service "Easy Order" before expanding the service to the store of branded shoes "Naturalizer", 144 branches nationwide and 5 stores of the women's regal brand, which the director said. :

"Easy order is really and started operating since the beginning of the year, starting with the brand "Naturalizer" first which we realized that the current lifestyle of people has changed a lot in the 5.0 era, it must be all Personalization. While we have our own factory and we have the specializing in shoes therefore looks like a good point and combined with the "Naturalizer", there are 144 stores nationwide we began in earnest at the end of the 1st quarter, starting with 20 stores in Bangkok first. The response is quite good. After that, we began to distribute to 50 provincial stores, resulting in sales increasing by 5% in the first quarter and growing to 10% in the second quarter. Easy order products we allow customers to choose the style at the store , we have a variety of heights and choose the color from their lifestyle. We have 20 colors and have both cow and sheep leather to choose from according to preferences and occasions. We have about 7 styles, about 5 height. Most customers will ordered the pumpshoes, then choose the color you like. Some people chose all the colors. Customers will try the size in front of the store and have expert salespeople to advise. Until getting the right size and the order process takes 14 working days, with the customer paying in front of the stores and choosing whether to pick up at the store or deliver to the home or office. And in the 4th quarter, we added a style that is a lifestyle that looks more active and mobility. We expect the sales from this new group of approximately 5% "

At the same time, Khun Kanisorn also mentioned the marketing budgets of all the shoe products of the company ICC International Public Company Limited states that about 5% of our marketing budget and going to online business. Because our customers are currently very active on the Facebook channel our own naturalizer.thailand which is an intermediary for communication, public relations and answering questions, giving suggestions to customers which we will try to maintain customer relations very much and focusing on the service whether pre-sales or after-sales, in this 3-4 quarter, we have added more ways to sell online, such as our own www.ethailandbest.com, partner websites such as Lazada, O Shopping or on TV and we are also developing applications platform.

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