Osotspa Builds a Network to Empower Sustainable Livelihoods for the Disabled through the Life must go on Project

General Press Releases Friday January 3, 2020 10:54
Bangkok--3 Jan--ABM Connect
Petch Osathanugrah, the head of Osotspa, is leading a group of OSP Hero volunteers to empower the disabled by supporting their physical, mental and life powers through the "Life must go on" project.

"Since our inception, Osotspa's business concept, as reflected in our DNA, has always focused on giving back to society by creating supportive networks and contributing to sufficiency and sustainability. The 'Life must go on' project builds on corporate beliefs by creating a strong network involving many parties, including local agencies, Osotspa volunteers, and the disabled, to help others who are disabled to regain their abilities to take on all obstacles with confidence," said Petch Osathanugrah, Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO, Osotspa Public Company Limited.

In Thailand, there are currently over three million disabled people. Almost half of those with disabilities are physically inactive and in urgent need of physical and mental support to independently live their daily lives and have the confidence to become self-reliant, remain gainfully employed, and continue contributing as productive members of society.

Osotspa, through its vision of the "Power to Enhance Life," believes that the disabled have the power to overcome any obstacle. This led the company to initiate the "Life must go on" project which aims to empower the disabled, helping them move forward with their lives by providing them with physical power to strengthen their fitness levels, and mental power by helping them with home renovations making them less dependent on others, and raising their self-confidence and independence. Finally, this project supports their life power by promoting relevant employment including growing vegetables and weaving bags together with career advice, tools and equipment. This coincides with technical support programs in logo design, product packaging, marketing, and distribution which further helps the disabled to be more self-reliant and the main contributors to their families.

The power of one person can help others while the power of many can help a much larger number of people. The "Life must go on" project combines three powers, including the power of local government organizations and public health agencies; the power of Osotspa, which provides financial support and people in the form of OSP Heroes; and the power of the disabled and their families with their determination and readiness to succeed. The project aims to support 130 disabled persons who live in four areas where Osotspa's plants are located: Bangkok, Samut Prakan, Ayutthaya, and Saraburi in 2021 as the year will mark the 130th anniversary of Osotspa. Over 900 volunteers, known as "OSP Heroes" from 10 of Osotspa's subsidiaries, will work together and help at the sites.

The project provides a process that empowers the disabled. Local healthcare agencies take care of and help strengthen the disabled physically, Osotspa and local authorities work with the disabled to carry out home renovations to match their needs, while OSP Heroes carry out the renovations working to modify the home's structure, electricity and plumbing systems, together with the inclusion of assistive equipment. Finally, OSP Heroes from other departments complete the process by helping with decorations, landscaping, and providing simple equipment for physical therapy needs.

In 2019, Osotspa completed 30 home renovations. Recently, executives and OSP Heroes helped out in Ayutthaya with home renovations, including painting and installing equipment for forty-four year old Surasak Kijjarak who is the project's 30thdesignee. A stroke left him with slurred speech and very little use of his left arm and leg. He previously worked as a driver but was concerned about being a burden to his mother and younger brother. They were living in derelict housing but were eventually evicted. Through the project, they were relocated to a new home as it wasn't possible to renovate their previous house. Their new home was made from bricks from the plant, and has electricity and a water system, together with indoor equipment and much-needed facilities including a wheelchair giving Surasak increased convenience and mobility. Furthermore, they were trained to create woven plastic products and grow bean sprouts to earn an income.

"I was over the moon when Osotspa reached out to us, built our new house and taught us how to earn an extra income from growing bean sprouts and creating plastic woven products. I was really worn out and discouraged looking after my disabled son, whom I love so much. But now, I am more confident that the quality of our lives will improve," said Surasak's mother who grew emotional.

Thirty-four year-old Wongdoen Namnasai is considered disabled with weakness in her left leg. She had worked as a mobile phone sales officer. After becoming permanently disabled in an accident, she divorced her husband and subsequently suffered from depression, which finally led to a stroke that made her life even tougher. Making things worse was an additional burden for Wongdoen as she had to look after her bedridden mother and two young daughters who were in elementary school. The project reached out to them and renovated their house making it more suitable for their needs. The renovation work included replacing the stair handrail, installing grab bars in the bathroom, replacing the bathroom faucets and door, and furnishing the kitchen with the necessary fixtures. She's also learned how to make donuts to earn an extra income, and her daughters help out by selling them at their school. One of their customers is a local administrative agency that buys their donuts which are served at their meetings. Nowadays, warm smiles have returned to Wongdoen and her happy family.

Osotspa strongly believes that building "A Giving Society" can help support the disabled allowing them to overcome obstacles, contribute to society, and live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

The Life must go on project is bringing about positive change to the lives of the disabled through the power of different groups. By working together, we are helping the disabled to beat any obstacles in their way, and achieving lives whereby they are happy, have a sense of purpose, and are contributing to society. Watch video clips of the project on Facebook at: Osotspa Corporate.

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