Thonglor Thai cuisine prides itself in crafting a special set of nine fortune desserts

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Bangkok--30 Jun--IMPACT Exhibition Management

Thai food has been praised around the world for its savory flavors and its use of fresh ingredients and herbs that help enhance the food flavors. Thai people love sweet things and frequently save room for desserts to finish off their meals. Traditional desserts play a pivotal role in the Thai culture and in the way Thai people celebrate special occasions. Desserts or “Kanom” in Thai are prepared for celebratory events such as weddings, birthday parties, house blessing ceremonies, or national celebrations like the Songkran, Loy Krathong festival, to name a few. Thai people take their time and pay special attention to dessert creations, and when it involves a merit making ceremony, they will go the extra mile. Donating food to monks is considered one of the greatest religious acts in the Thai tradition. Every detail matters, so every piece of dessert that will be served to the monks receives special attention and is made from the heart to show respect and loyalty. Thonglor Thai cuisine prides itself in crafting a special set of “fortune desserts,” consisting of 9 sweets in gold color, a symbol of wealth and prosperity, at 1,900 BHT. Featured in the special set are “Golden Fish” that has a base similar to that of Jah-Mongkut (sweet egg yolk crown) it’s made with glutinous rice, coconut cream and sugar, and wrapped with pandan leaves in a goldfish shape. “Thong Ake,” means “golden one” in Thai and has an intricate shape. “Thong Yod” (sweet egg yolk drops) has a tear drop shape and is believed that if you eat Thong Yod, you will be wealthy. “Thong Yip” (sweet egg yolk cup) denotes that anything you pick or touch will turn to wealth due to its name “Yip,” which means “To pick up.” That’s why the three desserts “Thong Ake,” “Thong Yod,” and “Thong Yip” with a lucky meaning are always the preferred choices for any Thai ceremonies. “A turtle-shaped sweets” made with glutinous rice and coconut cream along with “Foy Thong” (sweet threaded egg yolk) symbolize wealth and longevity. “Saneh Jaan” is the famous Thai dessert that pays homage to the shape and aroma of the golden apple. “Jah-Mongkut” (sweet egg yolk crown,) a crown shape, gold colored dessert symbolizes honor and reputation. Last but not least, “Thai bean paste” denotes that you will receive great support from supervisors.

Thonglor Thai Cuisine, located at Staybridge Suites Bangkok Thonglor, is currently open for din in and delivery. To place an order, please call 02-000-4701 or 092-966-2563, or order through LINEMAN or Wongnai app. Visit and stay connected with the restaurant on Facebook, Instagram, and LINE: Thonglor Cuisine for more information, latest updates and promotions.

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