Siam Paragon and The Thai Chamber of Commerce organise “Thai Chuay Thai Kue Thai Tae @ Yim Pai Dauy Kan”

General Press Releases Thursday July 2, 2020 14:47
Bangkok--2 Jul--The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand

The outbreak of COVID-19 which has spread in Thailand since February 2020 affected every business including farmers who has lost their chance to sell farm products. Supporting each other has always been Thai’s spirit especially in difficult situation. To encourage power of love and unity as well as bring back smile, Siam Paragon in collaboration with The Thai Chamber of Commerce organize an amazing fruit fair where farmers can sell their produces free of charge. Entitled “Thai Chuay Thai Kue Thai Tae @ Yim Pai Duay Kan” the fair starting from July 2-26 at Siam Paragon’s Parc Paragon is a huge gathering of fresh fruits and top goods from five regional provinces.

Kalin Sarasin, Chairman, The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) said that has been focusing on income distribution and solving inequality through many policies, activities and projects. Among them is TCC Fairs, an event held to support local economy where suppliers directly meet consumers. Last year’s successful TCC Fairs osganised at Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen got great feedback and generate income for locals.

“This fair at Siam Paragon is held to offer a marketplace for farmers and local traders to sell their farm produces and signature products from each province. In addition to help promote income distribution and inequality reduction, the fair is aimed to support farmers who have been affected by the COVID-19 and create a quality fruit market where farmers meet can be introduced to new target customer.

Thawatchai Sethajinda, Committee of Deputy Secretary General, The Thai Chamber of Commerce and President of the fair said, “With the cooperation of TCC and Siam Piwat who host the marketplace at Siam Paragon’s Parc Paragon, the event runs from July 2-26. The 25-day fair feature best farm products from more than 160 farmers and traders from Thailand’s five regions. With cooperation of nationwide Chamber of Commerce, the 25-day fair is set for one region a week which promise to deliver finest produces of each province, from fresh fruits, processed agricultural products, consumer goods to souvenirs.

Chadatip Chutrakul, Chief Executive Officer, Siam Paragon Development Co., Ltd. said, “The outbreak of COVID-19 has raised an awareness of sustainable lifestyle all over the world. It affirms that retail ecosystem which promotes achievement of customers, small retailers, community and country is a solution for sustainable living. I believe this significant crisis is another turning point to create nation’s unity with a willingness to support each other. To be a part to bring back smile and happiness, Siam Paragon has offered the marketplace free-of-charge to help farmers. It would be a great fair where farmes earn their fruits of work and customers can buy fresh farm products and many more.”

Each week will feature goods from one regional as follow :

July 2-8, Central and Eastern Regions: fresh fruits, processed fruits and top products such as Pa La Ou durian, date, pomelo, organic melon, traditional Thai sweets, herbal products and mud fermentation hand-woven cotton.July 9-14, North Eastern Region: fresh fruits, processed fruits and top products such as Phukhao Fai durian, seedless watermelon, Hokkaido Pure White corn, chili paste, Pon Yang Kham beef and natural dyed cotton.July 15-20, Northern Region: fresh fruits, processed fruits and top products such as passion fruit, avocado, rice, processed agricultural products, dried fish, Thai fabric, sarong silk with Teen Jok pattern.July 21-26, Southern Region: fresh fruits, processed fruits and top products such as Tubtim Siam pomelo, Sung Yod rice, grilled pork from Trang province, salted Indian Salmon, Tub Lee dumpling.

Support Thai farmers and help bring back Thai smile and happiness at “Thai Chuay Thai kue Thai Tae @ Yim Pai Duay Kan” from July 2-26 at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon. For more information call     02-610-8000

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