Chulalongkorn University’s School of Integrated Innovation Signed MoU with “Banpu” to Turn Knowledge into Research and Innovation.

General Press Releases Monday August 10, 2020 16:35
Bangkok--10 Aug--Ogilvy Public Relations

The School of Integrated Innovation (ScII), Chulalongkorn University, formulates a new learning model for students to develop necessary skills and seek tangible business solutions in the era of New Normal by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific. This will lead to collaborations on joint research projects in the field of digital economy, artificial intelligence, robotics, sustainable development as well as energy innovations and technologies. With Banpu’s nearly 40 years’ worth of experience in energy business in 10 countries in Asia-Pacific, this partnership will enable the two organizations to exchange and advance technology in energy business as well as equip the new generations with skills to tackle digital transformation and business disruption, as well as reinvent the world of energy for a more sustainable future.

Associate Professor Dr. Natcha Thawesaengskulthai, Vice President for Strategic Planning, Innovation and Global Engagement, Chulalongkorn University, said “The biggest challenge for an educational institution in the New Normal world is to support capacity development and create opportunities for our students to be ready for the rapidly changing landscape. We need to provide them with the skills and experiences that would enable them to tackle the business world as soon as they graduate. The Memorandum of Understanding that ScII signed with Banpu today is valuable to both parties and is a milestone in the integration of innovations and knowledge between an educational institution and the private sector. The MoU should encourage both sides to exchange and develop innovative ideas that demonstrate an awareness of commercial, social, technological, and environmental impacts. This partnership will be supported by a seamless, collaborative approach to promote multiple fields of education related to innovation. This includes elevating the students’ digital skills to a regional standard, growing the human capital for Thailand and solving social problems through innovative creations. These objectives align with Banpu’s vision and match with the School of Integrated Innovation’s core specializations, providing unparalleled and invaluable partnership opportunities for both our organizations and Thai society.”

Ms. Jareeya Chirdkiatisak, Head of the Digital Center of Excellence, Banpu Public Company Limited, said “Banpu is an Asia-Pacific’s leading integrated energy solutions company with a vision to be an energy company at the heart of innovation, technology, and sustainability. This vision is realized by our focus on the new energy trends, the “3Ds” – Decentralization, Decarbonization, and Digitalization. Our Greener & Smarter strategy has ensured we are ready for change and has led us through continuous success over the years. One of the keys to our success in driving Digitalization is our people’s readiness. We have a firm belief that “learning is the power of change and development.” Therefore, we are beyond excited to collaborate and exchange the knowledge and experiences we have gathered for almost 40 years with ScII’s staff and students. We are more than happy to support the new generations to become the driving force for our country in the future. Banpu will also gain new perspective to innovations developed by the young generations which will provide us with insights to the solutions in this New Normal world.”

“The collaboration between Banpu and ScII will involve academic resources sharing, training and internship, as well as related activities. With Banpu’s support to create impactful and sustainable innovations, we are looking forward to meaningful projects to engage our students and stimulate their learning process. At the same time, ScII will dedicate our academic and human resources to make these innovations happen. We hope that this partnership will lead to new initiatives in the future,” added Assoc. Prof. Dr. Natcha.

About the School of Integrated Innovation (ScII), Chulalongkorn University

Upholding itself as the 'Global Academy for the Future’, the School of Integrated Innovation (ScII), Chulalongkorn University is offering a new international program, a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Integrated Innovation (BAScii)—the first of its kind in Asia. The school plans to prepare students for industries of the future and the career launch at the international level. Throughout the program, students will gain soft skills required by the 21st century, obtain knowledge in both the business and technology cores, before honing in on specializations through mentored project-based learning. The school offers four specializations, including Health and Wellbeing, Inclusive Community and Smart City, Sustainable Development, and Applied Digital Intelligence. The school aims to prepare students to be future leaders, creating value that is suitable for change in a regional and global level. They should be equipped with knowledge, research and new technology to be in demand for the industry and the society in the future.

About Banpu

Banpu Public Company Limited is a leading integrated energy solutions company with 3 core groups of businesses: energy resources, energy generation and energy technology in 10 countries — Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Singapore, Japan, the United States of America and Vietnam.

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