2020 Xiamen Mid-Autumn Tourism Carnival Catching on Around the Globe, Xiamen Creating a Successful "Carnival" Cultural IP

General Press Releases Tuesday October 27, 2020 12:30
XIAMEN China--27 Oct--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

The 2020 China Xiamen Mid-Autumn Tourism Carnival was held from Sept. 17th to Oct. 16th. With creative, impressive activities and a strong marketing matrix that covered both China and abroad, this event successfully presented the charm of Xiamen as an internationalized city with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics to the globe.

Xiamen launched warm-up promotions via various overseas social media platforms before the opening of the event. With the topic #MidAutumnXiamen, interesting Q&As and creative countdown posters, Xiamen sent out information about the activities and invited overseas fans to participate in the online interaction concerning the Carnival through Xiamen's homepage @Visit Xiamen.

The 2020 Xiamen Carnival covered five themed events, five supporting activities and multiple brand cultural and tourist activities centering on Mid-Autumn folk customs. With Bobing Game, Mid-Autumn temple fair, intangible cultural heritage experience, folk custom exhibitions and performances, as well as cultural and tourist products held or shown at different cultural, artistic venues, the Carnival comprehensively demonstrated the abundant tourism resources and the charming folk culture of Xiamen.

During the event, Xiamen posted real-time information, pictures and videos about the event on overseas social media platforms. A lot of ingenious contents such as the Mid-Autumn AR Photo Frame, VLOG, and "Bobing Game Gesture Challenge" attracted numerous fans abroad to take part in the online interaction. This carnival became a phenomenal marketing event.

The 2020 Xiamen Carnival successfully presented the Mid-Autumn customs and atmosphere in southern Fujian Province of China, as well as Xiamen's abundant tourism resources and characteristic tourist products to tourists around the globe, demonstrating Xiamen's poetic landscape, its warm welcome to guests and its aim to grow into a preferred destination for tourists from around the world when they come to visit China.

Photo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1319716/Mid_Autumn_Tourism.jpg

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