eBay Strengthens its Leadership in Global E-Commerce, Unveils Business Strategies to Encourage Thais to Start Their Own Business on eBay

Information Technology Press Releases Thursday July 13, 2017 12:53
Bangkok--13 Jul--ABM

eBay, a leader in global e-commerce, has launched a new global brand platform called "Fill Your Cart With Color" targeting the millennial generation. The new brand platform celebrates individuality by harnessing the power of personalization and eBay's unmatched selection, enabling shoppers to get their version of perfect. In Thailand, eBay is focusing on two strategies to encourage Thais to start their own online retail business and sell to the world on eBay. The first strategy is a new, structured data-driven platform that equips sellers with detailed marketing insights to grow their eBay businesses, while buyers can find items faster and more easily with better-curated and personalized catalogues. The second strategy is an integrated plan to enable Thai sellers to be active and successful in the global online market.

Mr. Boonphan Boonprayoon, Thailand Country Manager for eBay, said, "Over the past 21 years, eBay has evolved from an auction site to one of the world's leading shopping destinations. Today, eBay has 169 million active buyers worldwide who buy items from over 1.1 billion listings in the eBay marketplace. This resulted in US$20 billion in gross merchandise volume (GMV) in the first quarter of 2017, which is a milestone in eBay's success in e-commerce that is being increasingly shaped by the lifestyles of digital-savvy millennials. We can now easily purchase any goods worldwide with just a few clicks, as mobile touch points accounted for about 60% of total GMV on eBay in the first quarter of 2017.

"To drive our performance and ensure we have greater access to millennials, an important target group for eBay and the most influential group of people in online markets, we are undertaking a massive rebranding to underpin our prominent position as a leading global e-commerce company. We are focusing on our global concept of 'Get Your Version of Perfect,' in which eBay helps every person find whatever item they consider is perfect for them, no matter what it is. eBay's brand essence celebrates the things that truly make people unique, and connects to what people love about eBay, from new and unusual items to personalized experiences. In Thailand, the simple yet powerful tagline "#MyPerfect" was created to embrace this theme. We allow sellers worldwide to seamlessly complete a transaction anywhere in the world, while enabling buyers to have easier access to over a billion items, helping them find exactly what they are looking for," he added.

The #MyPerfect hashtag conveys to Thai sellers that they can define their own vision of perfect or success that enables them to live their lives the way they want, while Thai buyers can find exactly what they are looking for on eBay. eBay empowers people and creates opportunities through Connected Commerce, seamlessly linking sellers with buyers worldwide using the following two strategies:

1. The new-look eBay.com with Structured DataeBay's refreshed, more relevant, and compelling platform allows buyers and sellers to meet and transact easily and effectively, thanks to advanced machine learning and structured data. As a technology innovator, eBay continues to develop even more powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve personalization for buyers while enabling sellers to do market research, and more easily track sales performance at no extra cost. Working seamlessly in the background, eBay's shopping science innovations greatly improve personalization and deliver more targeted product suggestions to buyers, which means they can make purchasing decisions easier, faster, and more often. eBay's AI advancements also make it simpler for sellers to keep growing their businesses, continuously increase sales, and connect with global buyers more efficiently by improving their listings and traffic and creating more targeted promotional marketing campaigns.

2. An integrated plan to boost Thai sellers' performance Thailand can provide incredible value through the huge variety of products made in the country that offer high quality and unique designs, which creates tremendous opportunities for Thai sellers to sell worldwide. The top fastest-growing categories for Thai sellers are home furnishings, health & beauty, auto parts, and home improvement. The United States is the largest market for export sales, accounting for about half of the total items from Thai sellers. eBay continues to improve the business potential for Thai sellers, including an enhanced platform, updated database, inventory management, and shipments, as follows:

eBay recently introduced the latest version of eBay DataLabs to effectively analyze a massive amount of customer behavioral data with cross-category browsing to discover the most popular items based on price, quality, and number of listings. This will enable sellers to create a focused and well-informed marketing plan to boost their online sales.

eBay self-learning channels for Thai sellers, which is an online community of Thai buyers and sellers. Serving as a customer panel for exchanging ideas and tips, along with activities that support eBay's users in Thailand, the channels are accessible at www.eBaymyperfect.com, and on Facebook/YouTube at: "eBay Community Thailand."

B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) is being introduced in Southeast Asian countries. It involves creating an ecosystem that enables sellers, suppliers, and providers of IT services and logistics to benefit from eBay's powerful platform to boost the sustainable capacity of Thai sellers in the global online retail market.

"With our clear commitment to providing every person a way to find their version of perfect, eBay is certain that our massive rebranding effort will help improve and connect sellers to buyers around the world, creating a more seamless and continuous online shopping experience in the future," concluded Mr. Boonprayoon.


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