Boschs Invented for Life visions for the future of connected technology are on display at their Innovation House in Bangkok

Information Technology Press Releases Thursday September 14, 2017 11:42
Bangkok--14 Sep--ABM
Bosch in Thailand recently showcased its connected technology under the concept of "Bosch IoT: Totally Connected" at its Bosch Innovation House in Bangkok.

The global supplier of technology and services presented its innovative solutions and demonstrated how connectivity continues to evolve in turning 'bricks and mortar' things into partners, companions and assistants in five domains: smart homes, connected mobility, smart cities, connected industry and smart agriculture.

In Thailand and elsewhere in ASEAN, the merging of the physical and digital worlds is having a significant impact on the manufacturing landscape as well as the way people live their lives. Many of these changes are bringing about a variety of benefits such as improving quality of life, offering more convenience and safety, streamlining of manufacturing processes through real-time insights; increased productivity, efficiency and profitability; reduced downtime; and increased competitiveness, to name a few.

"At our Innovation House, we clearly show how connectivity is expanding in every business sector and that, Bosch is playing a leading role in connecting entire cities, homes, industries and bringing cars and farms online, creating access to control systems via an app, and automatically integrating suppliers among other stakeholders into the supply chain" said Joseph Hong, Managing Director of Bosch in Thailand.

Samples of featured innovative technologies, solutions and services at Bosch's Innovation House in Bangkok
Smart Homes

Bosch Smart home appliances can be controlled in an instant from a smart phone via a single app – even if the appliances are not all the same brand. For example, you can take a look in the fridge without being at home, control the dish washer remotely, switch on the oven before you get home, or "order" an aromatic cappuccino to greet you when you arrive.

Connected Mobility

Bosch was the world's first automotive supplier to test automated driving on public roads. Several thousand test kilometers have already been driven. Now, you can test drive yourself through our VR glasses at the show.

Bosch is a pioneer in terms of Augmented Reality applications for the automotive sector and the first company that offers a platform for the industrialization ofAugmented Reality. Thanks to Augmented Reality applied in automotive workshops, the technician will see, for instance, the location of hidden components or the cable harness behind the dashboard on his tablet computer.

Smart Cities

For smart cities, Bosch offers solutions in the areas of mobility, energy, buildings, security, and digital city administration. Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)Non-intrusive load monitoring system measures energy consumption of devices individually and tracks the load on these devices at various periods. The perks associated with NILM are identifying potential faults, improving the operations and efficiency of the devices and thereby reducing the monthly costs. Micro Climate Monitoring Systems (MCMS)The Bosch Micro Climate Monitoring Systems is a smart air monitoring solution to visualize, analyze and act on air quality with real-time tracking of ambient air pollutants. MIC IP7000 (Mickie)An outdoor surveillance camera with exceptional strength and ruggedness for any industrial, or commercial application. It offers full 360º continuous rotation pan and 290º tilt control

Smart Industry
Industry 4.0 has become broadly established in practice. People and machinery work together safely and flexibly. Software detects deviations and ensures quality, productivity and energy efficiency.
Smart Agriculture
Deep field sensor
Bosch helps optimize the crops by using sensors and solutions for farmers to soil moisture, humidity and temperature. It also helps monitor the growth and development of plants.

"Collectively, our Innovation House is a clear demonstration of how Bosch continues to shape and drive transformation, with the drivers of this being changes in the mobility sphere and IoT connectivity. Our recent estimates show that by 2020, all of Bosch's new electronic products will feature connectivity. This is further proof of the transformation underway with the clear beneficiaries of web-enabled IoT solutions being businesses, other organizations and consumers. At Bosch, we help make a difference.", concluded Mr. Hong.

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