Coming innovated CRM solution by AI technology for Retail industry from Japan

Information Technology Press Releases Tuesday September 18, 2018 15:13
Bangkok--18 Sep--Agate Communication

Grand Design Co Ltd, an affiliate of Transcosmos Co Ltd, was established in Tokyo, Japan, in 2014. It is a developer of Gotcha!mall application, which gathers promotions and privileges from brands and stores and offers in a form of 'online coupon'. One of the distinctive points of Gotcha!mall is the adoption of AI Algorithm and Ecosystem that connect consumers with brands and stores as well as present the insight data of consumers to support its partners to create online marketing and attract customers with the 'Shopping is Entertainment' experience.

Presently, the company has found 4 main pain points in doing the marketing, which are
1. Advertisment. How to make advertisment have an impact on consumers' purchasing decision.
2. Sales Promotion. It is difficult to make data analysis happen.
3. Data Analysis. How to make the accurate decision on conduting marketing strategies.
4. Shopping Motivation. Consumers may not be entertained with companies' marketing.

The company believes these four issues can be improved by several marketing strategies particular using the coupon for sales promotion, but the question is how to make the coupon be more than just a piece of paper!

Therefore, it has launched Gotcha!mall which uses the innovation of digital coupon to gather data and make the data analysis more accurate. Besides, the AI Algorithm innovation will help selecting the right coupon that most suits with each customer's lifestyle so that customers can enjoy more with their shopping.

Mr. Kazuya Ogawa, Founder of Grand Design Co Ltd, Japan's AI expert, said, "Nowadays the AI trend has not much been used in daily life. Gotcha!mall is among the first movers who use AI Algorithm to support the selection of the sales promotion that matches each customer's behavior. One of the good points of using AI Algorithm on Gotcha!mall is that brands and partners can learn users' behavior in depth. These big data will be analyzed in AI and used to create the promotion and the best online coupon for each customer in their best timing. Besides, brands and partners that join Gotcha!mall will receive the 100% digital data so that they can use it to conduct further marketing analysis and maximize their perfomance. Meanwhile, customers are satisfied with discount and privileges that are perfectly chosen for them in line with Gotcha!mall's concept of 'Shopping is Entertainment'."

Mr.Toshiya Matsuo, Managing Director of Grand Design Co Ltd, said, "The distinctive point of the ecosystem that is adopted in Gotcha!mall is that we provide free entry for users to do shopping and when they use coupons in stores, we can measure the performance of Gotcha!mall effectively. This is a very interesting ecosystem. On the business partner side, the service of Gotcha!mall is not just only the application but they can enter via browser. Currently, such trend has become more popular and Gotcha!mall is known as the leading developer of PWA which can be adopted in any countries, not just only in Thailand."

In Japan, Gotcha!mall currently has over 10.4 million users, who have already used 65 million coins, and more than 37,000 stores on its platform. Those stores including convenience stores, super markets, drug stores and etc. have accepted that Gotcha!mall is one of the most effective marketing tools at the moment.

Gotcha!mall plans to expand its footprint in many countries. It has just launched in Taiwan in July and recently in Thailand. It will continuously expand in ASEAN countries including Vietnam and the Philippines. It anticipates to have 3 million users and form the partnership with over 20,000 stores in Thailand by 2020.

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