BIOTA Test Net Launch Event, the New Generation of Decentralized Cloud-Based Operating System

Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday November 7, 2018 15:09
TAIPEI--7 Nov--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

On November 2nd, BIOTA held the first workshop, which was also BIOTA's test net launch event in Taiwan. As the latest generation of efficient cloud operating system based on blockchain technology, BIOTA's team consists of experts and scholars from many scientific fields and many famous universities. In addition to the BIOTA Foundation members, BIOTA senior blockchain engineer Edward, Taiwan University Professor Liao Shiwei and Nanyang Technological University Professor Dusit Niyato also attended the event and delivered speeches.

Professor Liao Shiwei, who won the Google "Founder Award" for his contribution to the development of the Android platform, returned to his alma mater Stanford in 2013 and started research on blockchain and digital finance. In 2015, he was the first to start blockchain related course at Taiwan University. Blockchain-related courses strive to promote the development of blockchain technology in Taiwan. The Taiwan University and BIOTA have entered into a joint research venture to design and develop the BIOTA virtual machine. The BIOTA Virtual Machine R&D Center focuses on creating a high-performance virtual machine based on Webassembly technology and supporting multi-language interpreters.

Professor Dusit Niyato is a professor at the School of Computer Science and Technology, as well as School of Physics and Mathematical Sciences. Professor Dusit Niyato has published more than 360 academic papers in the field of wireless and mobile communications, and holds 4 American and German patents. He was awarded the IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Speaker Award in 2016-2017 and was listed in the field of computer science in 2017. Singapore Nanyang Technological University has also entered into a strategic partnership with BIOTA, which will also be responsible for the BIOTA test and the TESLA Protocol design as a joint agency. Nanyang Technological University of Singapore will first evaluate the performance, speed and safety of the BIOTA test network as a neutral institution to issue an authoritative evaluation report. Secondly, Nanyang Technological University will also design BIOTA's TESLA agreement, as well as test and deploy the BIOTA protocol through IoT equipment in various fields of Nanyang Technological University campus.

Potential enterprise users also attended the event. BIOTA co-founder Kelvin gave a speech about the BIOTA's key features, visions, missions and potential values it could bring to the whole blockchain industry. Edward, the senior blockchain engineer, explained BIOTA's current development stage.

Edward explained the current development progress of the BIOTA public blockchain and used the RPC command site. He demonstrated the creation account, system contract and transfer; Professor Liao Shiwei talked about the development and design of the BIOTA intelligent contract system; Professor Dusit Niyato of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore described the design idea of BIOTA TESLA Protocol and IoT direction, and explained how the TESLA protocol addresses issues related to data chaining and data privacy security. At the end of the event, the local university graduate students and doctoral students conducted a Q&A with the BIOTA team and showed a strong interest in the BIOTA project. The founding staff of BIOTA also indicated that they will continue to strengthen the cooperation with universities around the world.

This BIOTA test net launch event is the first formal seminar of all the BIOTA teams met each other. Researchers and scholars from different teams discussed the BIOTA development progress, future development plan, business model and other issues. This not only means the full launch of the BIOTA project, but also has great significance for the long-term development of BIOTA, and it also means a new starting point for the new generation of shared chain projects.

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