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Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday March 6, 2019 11:40
Bangkok--6 Mar--Fleishman Hillard
GoPro reveals 3 easy tips to help women stay strong, splendid and fiercely independent while travelling

In the old days, some people use to say that it is hard to be born a woman. Today, however, hardly anyone would dare use the same expression. Why? Because we all know that being a woman requires all the strength in the world! Women, especially modern-day women, know that they can do or be whatever we want. So if you are a woman and you want to travel around the world and seek after adventures, don't think, just do it! To celebrate this year's International Women's Day and to help women around the world achieve their travel goal, GoPro has 3 easy tips to help modern-day women stay strong, splendid and fiercely independent while travelling and exploring the world. It's time to take GoPro HERO 7 Black with you while you explore the world and see how it can transform even the simplest experiences into the most precious memory.

1. Take care of your skin so you can stay strong and beautiful while travelling

Luggage checked…gadgets checked. You think you're good are to go. But what about your skin? Before going on a trip, you need to take care of your skin first. Bring a bottle of moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated, and some sunscreen to protect your skin from the hot sun rays. You should put on sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out and every 2 hours to efficiently protect your skin from UV rays. Moreover, don't forget to drink a lot of water to make your skin glow. Bring a hat and a pair of sunglasses which can be used as sun protectors but also props for impromptu photoshoots. To help your skin looks even more beautiful in the photos, we recommend using the SuperPhoto function of GoPro HERO 7 Black, which is an intelligent auto analyzation. This should be used in combination with the appropriate camera mode. This will helps make sure that you always get beautiful photos from GoPro HERO 7 Black.

2. Show your strength by trying something new

Let the next vacation be the opportunity for you to break out of your comfort zone. Try something new while you are on a trip such as diving, skydiving, or bungee jumping. This could open you to new opportunities and new dimensions of life. Don't forget to keep a record of your experience in a form of a video so that you can show it to your friends afterwards. One of GoPro HERO 7 Black's feature, TimeWarp, helps you compile and wrap up a number of clips into one. This way, your video becomes much more interesting than typical videos.

3. Make sure to collect every moments, never miss out on any precious memories

The last tip is to make sure that you're equipped to collect the experience of the trips so that you can look back at the wonderful time you have had. Maybe there are some lessons to help you as you plan for the next trip? Maybe you have made some friends? Maybe you have discovered parts of yourself? All of these precious moments can be stored and kept in forms of photos and videos. GoPro HERO 7 Black comes with HyperSmooth, video stabilization which means the quality of the video that you create with GoPro HERO 7 Black are bound to be smooth and consistent, as beautiful as the memory of the trip.

Moreover, GoPro now offers GoPro Plus Subscription service is an unlimited cloud storage at, only 179 baht/month. With GoPro Plus, you do not have to worry about memory card because your videos and photos will be auto-offloaded automatically from your GoPro to your smartphone or computer. In addition, all your videos and photos are auto-backed up in the cloud. Cool! Also, GoPro Plus members get 50% (maximum) off when purchasing GoPro Mount and accessories from

And don't forget to share your fun or amazing moments of your trip through the #GoProThailand hashtags. For more information about GoPro HERO 7 Black, and accessories, please visit

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