Songuo Motors Introduces Bold NeuWai Brand of Affordable Electric and Alternative-Fuel Vehicles with Unique Engineering, Manufacturing and Business Model

Information Technology Press Releases Thursday March 28, 2019 16:16
SEOUL, South Korea--28 Mar--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Songuo Motors introduces the revolutionary NeuWai brand and its new passenger car, truck, SUV, motorcycle and scooter models with advanced technology, groundbreaking materials, electric and alternative-fuel drivetrains and sustainable construction.

Twelve NeuWai vehicles were unveiled at the 2019 Seoul Motor Show. Production of the first model will begin in 12 months. All models shown at the show and others currently in development will go into production over the next 18 months.

"More than just a new car brand with exciting designs, NeuWai brings a new business model, new vehicle materials and a new manufacturing strategy to the automotive industry," said Tim Shin, CEO Songuo Motors.

Company leaders doing business on 5 continents and in 30 countries will meet on March 29, 2019, to sign agreements to distribute NeuWai vehicles. Several of these companies will also commit to building assembly plants to supply NeuWai vehicles in their region.

Forward-Thinking Engineering
The NeuWai approach to engineering showcases key strategic differences between traditional vehicles and NeuWai vehicles.

"We weren't satisfied with currently available metal, aluminum and composite body technologies," said Shin. "We created a proprietary system to mold composite body panels in color with a glossy exterior." This allows for consistent body color without painting, solving the century-old challenge of painting body parts in an assembly plant.

This recyclable material also takes door dings and minor fender benders out of the equation for vehicle owners. The resilient material does not easily dent, and it is extremely durable.
Space frames provide a structural advantage over unnecessarily heavy traditional frames or unibody construction.
Advancements in Powertrain Technology

"We chose to use AC electric motors for our A-class and larger vehicles, reducing reliance on rare earth magnets," said Shin. "This approach is more sustainable and reduces future cost risks." NeuWai electric motors use a unique copper alloy and a proprietary copper-injection process for the rotor, which allow for extremely good power-efficiency performance of up to 93 percent.

In addition to the electric powertrains, there will be Euro 6 gasoline, Euro 4 gasoline and innovative liquid propane injection (LPI) combustion engines available in markets where these powertrains have a compelling advantage.

Vehicle Manufacturing In-Country
A unique manufacturing strategy will allow distributors to do final assembly of NeuWai vehicles in-country, creating jobs.

Primary manufacturing of NeuWai vehicle components and systems will take place at the company's 430,000-square-meter (4.6-million-square-foot) manufacturing plant in the National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone in the City of Dezhou, ShanDong Province, China, to create semi-knock-down (SKD) kits.

Passenger Vehicles
The NeuWai lineup of cars includes:
  • A sporty 2-door and versatile 4-door ultra-compact car will stand out from the crowd.
  • A unique, modular, configurable vehicle is sized between the passenger cars and a 1-ton truck.
  • The NeuWai compact SUV will meet the needs of active families, with room for 4 people and their gear.
  • The NeuWai 1-ton pickup will provide stylish capability.
Motorcycles and Scooters
NeuWai electric motorcycles are a refreshing alternative to gasoline-powered bikes, yet retain the joy-in-riding that consumers expect.
Two models of motorcycles feature iconic proportions and styling that make them instantly recognizable as touring and performance models.
There are also two models of electric scooters. A small scooter features simple design cues that focus on function, while a larger scooter is a more luxurious design.
More information and projected specifications for these vehicles can be found at
NeuWai expects to begin manufacturing and shipping vehicles for sale in early 2020.
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