ReadyPlanet introduces Thailands first All-in-One Marketing-Tech Platform Aims to enhance online marketing efficiency of Thai enterprises with a platform on par with the international arena

Information Technology Press Releases Thursday July 25, 2019 11:24
Bangkok--25 Jul--Maxima Consultants

Thai digital marketing platform provider ReadyPlanet has announced its success in creating the "ReadyPlanet Marketing Platform" or RMP, the first and only All-in-one digital marketing tool in Thailand that is on par with international platforms but better meets the needs of Thai businesses. From August 1, 2019, ReadyPlanet will start upgrading the marketing system for 19,000 SME clients and 100 large corporate clients enabling them to use the full range of services. The RMP is expected to support Thai businesses in maximizing the effectiveness of digital marketing.

Mr.Songyot Kanthamanon, Chief Executive Officer, ReadyPlanet Co., Ltd., notes that digital marketing today focuses on reaching target via personalized marketing. The strategy helps reduce the cost of reaching customers by 50% while increasing revenue by 5-15% (McKinsey statistics). The data-driven marketing approach leverages Big Data and uses marketing software as a key tool. However, most digital marketing service providers do not have their own marketing platforms but only provide digital advertising media management or produce marketing content, meaning that they are obliged to apply foreign software that does not perfectly fulfill the requirements of Thai businesses.

Thanks to its understanding of the pain points, ReadyPlanet has developed a full-funnel marketing approach that embraces Reach - Convert - Retain strategies. All the marketing tools are integrated to provide operations with seamless data links. This ultimately becomes a full-range marketing platform whose performance efficiency is equal to foreign platforms, but better meets the requirements of Thai businesses. ReadyPlanet has advantages over the foreign platforms because the company has a Thai team on hand to provide 24/7 customer support, digital marketing training courses for customers, and a data link system with online payment service providers in Thailand.

Most importantly, the company has a long experience in marketing software development for Thai businesses thus helping it to better understand Thai marketing trends and demands of the Thai entrepreneurs.

ReadyPlanet spent more than 10 years developing software and applications to create marketing tools to fulfill marketing funnel. Reach provides advertising management via online media including Google, YouTube and Facebook etc. while Convert provides a website, call-to-action widget and mobile app builder service, online shopping and booking systems. Finally, Retain is designed to ensure the client retains its existing customer base thru a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sale and customer base management and database system to collect insights into customers.

"Our DIY website has been developed by Thais, is easy to use and structured to support online advertising like Google and Facebook. It can also connect mobile apps and a CRM system enabling customers to create databases of target groups and corporate clients. This allows customers to analyze data so as to prepare the proper advertising and marketing strategies. In addition, the RMP offers add-on software as an additional service, such as a Loyalty program to retain existing clients and encourage repurchasing, and API to link with such suppliers as logistics providers and online payment service providers. The company expects that the RMP will help increase the number of customers by 20% within 2020," Mr. Songyot adds.

Developed by dedicated Thai engineers, ReadyPlanet software is ready-to-use, meaning that business operators can apply it instantly, thus saving both money and time. Customers can start by choosing software that is appropriate and essential for their businesses and later use other software or upgrade the system to increase their capacity for business expansion. ReadyPlanet will upgrade the system of all customers from August 1, 2019.

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