Dassault Systemes and LNS Research develop eBook on Forging the Digital Twin in Discrete Manufacturing

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Dassault Systemes has developed an eBook, titled: "Forging the Digital Twin in Discrete Manufacturing" in partnership with LNS Research, ahead of Dassault Systemes' annual "Manufacturing in the Age of Experience" conference in Shanghai, China, from September 18 to 19, 2019. The conference is expected to gather together 2,000 manufacturing professionals around the world to discuss and analyze global digitalization, sustainability and workforce trends in the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry.

The eBook focuses "Digital Twin" technology, where prototypes of products, processes and systems are re-created in the 3D virtual world for experimentation and testing in simulated conditions before engaging in any real production.

LNS Research surveyed over 300 executives from manufacturing companies across a wide range of industries, from semiconductor to oil and gas and many others, on the use of "Digital Twin" technology. Some of the key findings featured in the eBook include:

  • Overall, about 40% of companies either have digital twin technology or are in pilot stages.
  • Amongst companies that actively use PLM (product lifecycle management) or IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platforms, 60% either have digital twin technology or are in pilot stages.
  • 23% of companies have more than $1 million in the budget for the Digital Twin initiative.
  • Over the next five years, we can expect to see an increase of about 22% in million-dollar Digital Twin projects
  • When it comes to ROI expectations and payback timeline, nearly 60% of companies expect to recoup their investment within one year.

"Digital Twin" technology is increasingly playing a key role in the future of manufacturing. The "Digital Twin" can be an executable virtual model of a manufactured physical product, like a car, aircraft, or pharmaceutical drug, or an entire manufacturing system. With a "Digital Twin", manufacturers can test, correct and enhance the minute details of any asset in the 3D virtual environment before proceeding to real-world manufacturing. Therefore as a rapid prototyping tool, the "Digital Twin" helps manufacturers improve innovation, speed up time-to-market and reduce costs.

The eBook will outline five key areas where "digital twins" are improving the future manufacturing enterprise:
1. Harnessing Data as the Source of Digital Change

By providing manufacturers with sensor-obtained data and information that extends across the lifespan of a product, the digital twin provides one of the key sources of digital change in the manufacturing enterprise.

2. Creating a Valuable Ecosystem with a "Twin-to-Twin" Network

When two different twins are connected, a twin2twin ecosystem is created. A network of twins of differing industrial variants for the manufacturing plant enables engineers to constantly improve product and plant quality, equipment performance, and reduce down times.

3. "Digital Twin" Best Practices from Automotive are Benefiting Major Industries Like Mining

"Digital twin" best practices by automotive manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota and Tesla, are inspiring companies in the mining and natural resources industries to embrace digital replication of their assets to experience their operations in the virtual world.

4. Virtually Re-imagining the Retail Store

Collaboration between technology and retail stores, utilising digital twins, allows for an exchange of consumer information directly from the sales floor and into the virtual environment for analysis, to develop more efficient store layouts and sales response systems.

5. The Digital Twin is brought to you in Part by the Power of IIoT

"Digital Twin" technology is a direct result of the evolution of IoT (Internet of Things) into IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). IIOT processes such as big data, analytics, and predictive maintenance, has become an integral aspect of the data flow for the digital twin. Car manufacturers, such as Toyota, leverage IIOT data flow from digital twins for analysis and data visualisation to enhance design, manufacturing, and speed-to-market.

All readers are welcome to download the eBook at go.3ds.com/oUB
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