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Information Technology Press Releases Thursday January 16, 2020 10:12
Bangkok--16 Jan--Vision House Co

Since 1999 the outsourcing provider for trouble-free IT, Vision House Co., Ltd, Thailand, has served local as well as international corporations – small and big – with customised solutions. 20 years ago Vision House was unique as being one of few companies in Thailand not selling a certain software or hardware and actually selling solutions and services

As one of the first such companies on the market in Bangkok back then Vision House quickly gained prestigious clients such as Scandinavian Airlines, serving their previous large Bangkok operations as well as the Asia-Pacific region.

"We actually almost immediately started working with SAS and a few major international corporations, which we are very proud of, and actually beat HP and a few other major providers to get a regional online support for SAS in Asia, and that included 16 countries," says Dr. Klas Håkan Alm, Senior Advisor and co-founder. "However small, we managed to become quite successful in getting hired by some major corporations and multinationals in Thailand."

"From the very outset our vision for Vision House had been to become a household name and that it should be the preferred choice for quality conscious-customers. We had decided not to sell as much as possible but to instead be a natural first choice for companies looking to get quality IT support and quality outsourcing services. I think we have managed to do that throughout the years quite well," he reflects.

Vision House is the behind-the-scenes go-to trouble-shooter and maintenance supplier for all kinds of businesses who opting to partly or fully outsource such service needs. It has a long and proven track record and has also evolved along with the times and its customers.

"Most of our customers have global IT departments in other countries and when they roll out something we are normally part of that and can learn a lot from our clients. And whatever new interesting things and smart solutions implemented for one client we can oftentimes utilise and use something similar for other clients. So, we learn from our clients and our clients learn from our extended knowledge," says Dr. Alm and continues: "It's always our job to be one step ahead. We need to know what services and solutions are available (and what is in the pipeline) and we have to see which of those are the most suitable for our clients."

"And of course for more and more things our customers do depend on different technologies, so if anything they are increasingly in need for such services that we provide than they were 20 years ago. The technologies have changed; hardware and software have changed in many generations; and the communication possibilities have changed; with bandwith having improved dramatically and so forth. But the general needs and our idea of services is surprisingly similar today, compared to what it was 20 years ago."

Someone has to do the systems integration and installations and make sure that everything works with everything else in the system and then ensure that it keeps working. That someone can be Vision House and that need is very similar today compared to twenty years ago; only with the difference that the dependency on digital solutions is so much higher today. And the customers take for granted that all different systems work seamlessly together.

"As long as we can keep things on top, as long as we can maintain and update ourselves with the latest technologies and be a little bit down-to-earth and remain there I think we will be successful for many years to come. We cannot implement a new technology just because it's cool. There has to be business value, there has to be common sense, and it has to be our job to find a good cost/balance," concludes the Swede.

"We always strive to provide quality services and a lot of our clients have said they need us to make the solutions work, so we're still trying – even though we're an outsourcing partner – to be a very smooth-working in-house IT department for them. We try to work as an integrated part and still try to be the reason why our customers do not need to worry about the various IT solutions they have." says CEO Wilailux Mangma.

"From our main Bangkok office we serve Bangkok metropolitan and also Eastern Seaboard, where we have a number of clients. We also occasionally fly and serve our clients in for example Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.. But we currently do not have any plans to expand on our physical locations. So we do fly and travel with our clients, while we remain in Bangkok,Thailand – similar to what we have done for a long time," she says.

As Vision House enters 2020, the company is ready for another twenty years in business.
About Vision House

Vision House is a turn-key boutique IT outsourcing company based in Thailand that has throughout the years served many national as well as international corporations but also smaller businesses with their system integration and maintenance needs. It serves as a One-stop-shop for all IT. Actually, we ensure that all clients' needs get done, even if a few things may be outsourced. Vision House stays on top of things, making sure to utilise new solutions for real business needs as well as finding new ways of solving problems and new ways of making use of opportunities.

Contact Vision House:
Wilailux Mangma, mobile. + 66 89 144 6331

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