Digital Transformation Are you ready to survive and thrive in the digital age?

Information Technology Press Releases Tuesday March 10, 2020 16:51
Bangkok--10 Mar--Fujitsu (Thailand)

Facing stiff competition from existing and new players, businesses today have to quickly respond to ever-changing customer requirements while improving their operational agility and adaptability and lowering operating costs.

IT and digital technologies are playing an important role in organizations of any size in any industry. Without properly leveraging modern technologies, your business will finally lose ground in the digital economy.

The main question here is “Are you ready to survive and thrive in the digital age?”

Deploying advanced technology alone may not be enough as digital businesses will inevitably encounter a wide range of challenges including cyber threats, big data management, smart technology deployment, and evolving compliance needs.

How can we handle cyber threats?

Digital world creates many opportunities for businesses, but at the same time, it brings about more risks from cyber threats. Without adequate security defenses against malware, hackers, data theft, ransomware, and data breaches, businesses may suffer from significant losses in terms of downtime, financial cost and customer trust.

Automation and AI can really help businesses?

Many businesses in Thailand and other countries have started to leverage automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance operational agility and efficiency. If you are reluctant to start now, your market share will certainly be taken away and your business will be left behind and finally crumble. So, how should you start adopting automation technology for your business?

How can we make use of a large amount of data?

Today, data is the most valuable resource, and it can be used to create significant value for businesses. Whether it is data about thousands or millions of customers, sales, production or raw material procurement, if you properly analyze such information, you will be able to predict market trends more accurately and better understand your customers. The question is how you can effectively manage these types of data, and what tools can be helpful for you.

Compliance with digital laws

For enterprises that gather and store information about their customers, employees or other people and use it for developing business, one of major concerns is the need to comply with privacy laws. Such laws clearly impose regulations and practices, as well as civil and criminal penalties for violations such as data leakage, infringing data owner's personal right and property right.

Turning crisis into opportunities

Some may think these changes are threatening their business. In contrary, if you can properly and effectively utilize digital technology, this will be a positive turning point for your business. Digital transformation is not an easy task, it is like walking through the technology labyrinth. There is no one- size-fits-all solution as each enterprise has different requirements and circumstances, hence requires a specific starting point and customized technology solutions.

Moreover, IT organization which is the main driver for digital transformation efforts is always burdened with their routine tasks, thus having no time for developing valuable business-driven solutions.
Reliable partner for digital enterprises

As the world’s leading technology provider, Fujitsu not only delivers customized solutions but also provides consulting and professional services. With our technology expertise and in-depth business knowledge, we are positioned to help our customers implement the right solutions for their business.

With extensive experience in consulting, planning, implementation and support services for digital solutions, Fujitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. deeply understands business challenges in various industries. Aiming to become a Global Premium Service Integrator (GPSI), we have offered four core solutions that will create a strong technology foundation for our customers, enabling them to digitally transform their operation successfully.

Our four core solutions that help drive digital businesses include:
Managed Service improves business agility, eases IT burdens

To streamline business processes and simplify workflows, Fujitsu’s local and global teams collaborate on various tasks including end-to-end data center management, cloud services, technical support, allowing in-house IT professionals to focus on developing digital solutions that create more business value.

Security Solution strengthens defenses for more reliable and secure business operation

Fujitsu provides comprehensive security solutions, including infrastructure, networking, servers, and data protection. We work with technology partners and cybersecurity experts to deliver consulting and implementation services, enabling our customers to fight against existing and emerging threats, and comply with applicable laws.

ERP Solution centralizes business-driven data

The implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software not only helps employees to work faster, more efficiently and reduce mistakes, but also centralizes data to be used for formulating and developing business plans more accurately.

Digital Innovation drives business with cutting-edge digital innovations

With experience in deploying digital technology for customers in various industries worldwide, Fujitsu has comprehensive understanding and successful approaches for providing solutions in emerging areas including Data Analytics, Smart Workplace, Smart Factory, Smart Retail, Robotic Process Automation (RPA). These solutions streamline and accelerate processes and workflows with automation and smart technologies.

These offerings are part of Fujitsu’s commitment in leveraging digital technology for empowering businesses in the digital era.
For more information, please contact:
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