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IT Press Release : 31 Mar 2020

Best deal ever!! Let’s spice up your activities with GoPro HERO8 Black Special Edition only for 14,500 THB. IT—31 Mar 20

Are you ready for something special?? Let’s spice up with GoPro HERO8 Black Special Edition with exclusive accessories only for 14,500 THB. With this special package, you can save up to 3,000 THB. GoPro HERO8 Black Special Edition comes with a set

New Compensation Program Helps Purchasers Combat Toxic E-waste IT—31 Mar 20

STOCKHOLM--31 Mar--PRNewswire/InfoQuest

Thousands of tonnes of toxic e-waste is illegally dumped in vulnerable regions every year. A new addition to TCO Certified Edge will help solve the problem. By choosing to buy certified IT products, purchasers can make sure that an equivalent amount of e-waste is collected and recycled in a safe way.

E-waste is an enormous human health and environmental problem. When it's not handled in a responsible manner, hazardous substances may be released into the environment and potentially end up in the food we eat and the water we drink.

TCO Development, the organization behind the global sustainability certification TCO Certified, now gives purchasing organizations the opportunity to take responsibility for the e-waste they generate. When they buy an IT product certified according to the TCO Certified Edge criterion, E-waste Compensated, an equivalent amount of e-waste is collected in a country lacking in safe recycling systems. The environment is protected from hazardous substances and, due to social requirements, fair job opportunities are created locally. The collected e-waste is then transported to a recycling plant compliant with strict environmental criteria.

"Through TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated, we want to give purchasers and the IT industry a powerful tool for combatting e-waste," says Andreas Rehn, Deve

Cyborg Systems Develops COVID-19 Tracking Software IT—31 Mar 20

On 16th March, 2020, in his opening remarks, WHO Director-General stated unequivocally that urgent escalation in testing, isolation and contact tracing was required, which is the backbone of the response to fight COVID-19. A multinational supplier of

Zyxel’s VPN helps working from home productive and secure IT—31 Mar 20

Flexible working time and working in the home office are becoming increasingly popular and in greater demand than ever. There is an increasing need for employees to work in their homes. However, this brings many challenges, especially to small

Vymo Launches 'Work From Home' Solution to Ensure Business Continuity for Leading Banks and IT—31 Mar 20

Vymo's 'Work From Home' solution is being deployed to empower Agents, Relationship Managers and other Frontline employees engage customers while working remotely Today, Vymo, the world's leading provider of solutions for on-the-go sales teams announced

“Better safe than sorry”: Majority of businesses in SEA aim to improve their IT IT—31 Mar 20

However, more than 1-in-10 still use free security software; nearly 2-in-10 secure their corporate networks with solutions intended for home use The recent high-profile breaches against enterprises in Southeast Asia (SEA) have raised the level of