Thais’ LINE Timeline Usage Rises to World’s No. 1 New Hit Social Media among Thai People in Quarantine

Information Technology Press Releases Tuesday May 19, 2020 16:27
Bangkok--19 May--Idea Works Communications

Thais’ LINE Timeline Usage Rises to World’s No. 1 New Hit Social Media among Thai People in Quarantine     As Thais are staying at home to stop the virus for the country, LINE digital platform is now part of Thai people’s daily lives with significant growth in usage. LINE helps people communicate via LINE Chat and stay up-to-date with the current situations on LINE TODAY. Recently, LINE Timeline (the 3rd tab on the LINE app), a new social media feature of the app gained a lot of popularity from Thais. With over 7 billion content views on Timeline and almost 3 million posts each day in April, Thailand is now the country with the highest number of Timeline posts in the world* with a growth rate of almost 20% compared to the same period last year.

(*in comparison with other countries where LINE is available)

LINE Timeline, which currently enjoys a user base of 45 million Thais, is easily accessible through the 3rd tab on the LINE app. New features and designs have been continuously developed to make the app more fun and enjoyable to use by Thais who have to stay home more. In the past month this year, Thai people were found to increasingly use LINE Timeline to update their status, share information, and create lighthearted content. The 'Explore’ feature of LINE Timeline uses machine learning to analyze the habits and preferences of users in order to curate and show posts that may interest each one of them. LINE Timeline users can see and Follow anyone without having to be friends with each other on the platform. This is so unlike other social media spaces as LINE Timeline gives more freedom to users while maintaining their privacy. Despite being introduced on the platform late March, Explore created a phenomenon by helping LINE Timeline’s visits and views rise to the number one spot in the world in April.

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'Story’ is another feature on LINE Timeline that has quickly become a hit among Thais. Despite having been launched only a year ago, the feature sees a record-high number of 21 million stories created each day which is the highest number in the world in April*, increasing by 38% compared to the beginning of the year. Moreover, the number of Story views in Thailand registered 170 million views in April, proving that LINE Timeline is truly a new hit social media feature Thais are keen on using to create and share content. LINE will continue to develop its platform and services, including LINE Timeline, to serve Thai people better in the near future. Stay tuned to LINE Timeline if you don't want to miss any important updates.

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