New ER hospital model has been revealed for the first time in Thailand, paving the way to a new medical emergency method

Information Technology Press Releases Thursday May 28, 2020 16:47
Bangkok--28 May--TRUE GROUP

True 5G,our new sustainable genius network to the new world, jointly enhance the World of Heath and Wellness along with our hero model “Doctor Jeab” Lalana Kongtoranin in bringing medical technology and innovation via True 5G genius network to create an ER New Normal as a new standard for medical emergency unit for other hospitals under the Department of Medical Services. The move is aimed to increase efficiency and help patients on time from sending ambulance car, screening patients, evaluating symptoms of both emergency and non-emergency patients to timely receive treatment.   More medical innovations have also been given to the Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital via True 5G genius network including True 5G MedTech Ambulance : a genius medical equipment for ambulance car, AR Professional Consult Powered by True 5G :   a long-distance smart telecommunication system and True 5G Temi Connect & CareBot : a genius telecommunication robot as well as Nopparat Teleclinic powered by True 5G   : a VHealth technology platform application to screen, give advice, diagnose minor symptoms of the Nopparat Rajathani Hospotal. All of these medical solutions are connected through   True 5G-Ready sim and CPE 5G signal receiver via True 5G network which has expanded its signal around the hospital area. A 5G COW (Cell On Wheel) has also been provided to increase signal in the hospital in order to make Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital become the first ER New Normal hospital in Thailand.

Somboon Tosborvorn M.D., Director of Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital said that “Nopparat Rajathanee is a state hospital under the Department of Medical Services, the Ministry of Public Health that offer both general and various specialized medical services with high daily numbers of patients coming in for treatments, especially on weekends. During Covid-19 crisis, the Department of Medial Services has a policy to apply technology to the ER New Normal to increase safety for patients and medical personnel as well as the patients’relatives to ease the crowd in the hospital and help patients on time. The hospital fully supports this new technology scheme as our emergency unit will become the ER New Normal model and first of its kind for other hospitals to adjust and follow suit.   This collaboration with True Group in bringing True 5G medical technology and innovation to enhance efficiency and safety in all processes from sending ambulance cars to pick up patients, screening patients, evaluating emergency and non-emergency patients to treating the patients based on their symptoms will generate maximum benefit for the Public Health Industry in Thailand.”

Mr. Oliver Kittipong Veerataecha, Chief Brand and Communication Officer, True Corporation Plc., said that “The new world of 5G is not only about the strong network or its speed, but also about the genius technology that enhance lifestyles in every dimensions, creating a new sustainable world for everyone by emphasizing on telecommunication that   reflects our True 5G genius sustainable visions through our hero model “Doctor Jeab” Lalana Kongtoranin under the World of Health and Wellness concept and as the representative of Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital’s ER Department in offering True 5G genius network to develop ER New Normal for higher safety and hygiene standards for the Thai public.”

Mr. Piroon Paireepairit, Head of 5G Working Group, True Corporation Plc., said that “Under True 5G visions that focus in bringing 5G technology to fulfill every lifestyle’s dimensions as we believe True 5G is not only a mobile phone signal but also a technology to enhance the potential of digital medical and public health for the country to be superior and sustainable in every dimensions, True Group is determined to offer efficiency technology to help patients and medical personnel, especially for the emergency patients   for who needs immediate treatment which is in line with the strength of True 5G genius network in terms of high speed capacity, low latency and its ability to connect with various equipments that help increase efficiency and safety for the “Nopparat Rajathanee” hospital model’s ER New Normal that is connected to True 5G-Ready sim and CPE 5G signal equipment via True 5G genius network that has been installed around the hospital area to generate smooth connection and high efficiency. We intend to bring True 5G technology to create this hospital as a model and as a standard for ER units for other hospitals under the Department of Medical Services.”

Medical innovations via True 5G genius network at Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital include;

True 5G MedTech Ambulance : equipment for genius ambulance car that help track and communicate with hospitals and the ambulance car without any latency, resulting in better communications between doctors in the ambulance unit and the hospitals to prepare treatment with higher efficiency, accuracy and timely.AR Professional Consult Powered by True 5G : virtual smart communication system to use for long-distance communication between ER doctor and specialist doctor. This allows the specialist doctor to see the same visual in the same angle from the glasses worn by the ER doctor and could give accurate opinion and help patients on time.   True 5G Temi Connect & CareBot : genius telecommunication robot that not only allow communications between doctor and patient to minimize physical direct contact, but also able to deliver medial resources, documents and non-heavy items that could be remotely controlled from a distance.Nopparat Teleclinic Powered by True 5G : a VHealth technology platform application to screen, give advice, diagnose minor symptoms of the Nopparat Rajathani Hospotal called “Nopparat Teleclinic” in which the patients do not have to come to the hospital as they would be screened through various questions to initially diagnose before getting treatment at the hospital. If necessary to meet the doctors, this also allows the patients to make appointments with doctors immediately based on the symptoms described.

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