AIS continues its mission to solve E-Waste problems Strengthen the partners' network by joining forces with 3 sectors: government, private, and the public

Information Technology Press Releases Friday June 5, 2020 11:40
Bangkok--5 Jun--AIS
Move forward! AIS continues its mission to solve E-Waste problems

Strengthen the partners' network by joining forces with 3 sectors: government, private, and the public in expanding 1,806 waste collection points throughout Thailand to welcome New Normal after lockdown ease in Phase 3

AIS continues its mission "If We All Are a Networks" by joining forces with government, private, and educational partners to launch a significant campaign to embrace the World Environment Day "Thais without E-Waste" by expanding more than 1,806 locations nationwide as well as a campaign to invite the public to separate the E-Waste and discard appropriately to create a New Norm, pleasant New Normal. Every time you go out, take your E-Waste with you to throw away.

This collaboration involves leading organization partners such as Central Department Store, Thailand Post, SMART Service, a provider of juristic person management for condominiums and housing estates, Thailand Responsible Business Network (TRBN) in cooperation with listed companies under the regulation of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Phaholyothin Road Company Group, and universities in a total of more than 40 organizations nationwide in driving the new campaign "THAIs Zero E-Waste" to raise awareness of the threats hidden with E-Waste. Although expanding the nationwide waste collection point to help Thais immediately dispose of E-Waste and near homes for Thais.

Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of AIS, said, "As a Digital Life Service Provider, who is determined to create digital technology for Thais. We focus on operating a business that grows collectively in every sector by defining sustainable business direction to cover the economic, social, and environmental dimensions as well, especially in the fields of the environment that we have always been committed to taking care of. In the past year, we have launched a project called "Throw Away E-waste with AIS", which aims to raise awareness and be the center that will receive and take E-Waste from the public for disposal correctly, without creating negative impacts on the environment. However, The project has received a flood of attention from the public, with a total of 49,952 waste in just 7 months, which can decrease carbon dioxide emission by up to 499,520 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents or the equivalent of 55,502 large trees that absorb CO2 for 1 year.

And because of the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic that caused the demand for electronic and digital devices to increase significantly as we can see from the increasing usage of internet in mobile phone users in Thailand 11.14%, due to people need it for Work From Home, Telemedicine, and Learn From Home, but the increase in the number of electronic devices during this period may cause harmful effects on the body and the environment in the future if Thais lack awareness, do not separate the waste, and dispose of E-Waste suitably.

Including environmental issues, This is recognized as an international concern because people all over the world share their natural resources for living, including soil, water, and air resources. Therefore, to boost awareness, moreover, a campaign to restore nature and protect local biodiversity. The United Nations has set up a World Environment Day on 5 June every year with the slogan "Time for Nature, " which is a time when nature around the world will be restored entirely due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

This is an excellent opportunity for us to use the World Environment Day to announce the plan of preserving and restoring nature and the environment with all 40 organizations, including the ability of all 100,000 employees to launch the campaign "Thais without E-Waste" to create a campaign network and tell about the waste disposal, also expanding awareness among Thais in various segments is broadly grouped among employees and private companies, university student groups, residents both home and condo, logistic group, shopper group, etc. Furthermore, it is also preparing for the lockdown at ease in Phase 3, where the government has relieved many businesses to return to normal operations to meet the changing needs of older devices for each household, including a proactive approach to prevent environmental problems in the long run as well.

On the occasion of World Environment Day on 5 June this year. AIS would like to be the representative of the partners' network of "Thais without E-Waste", which we encourage Thais to separate the E-Waste, i.e., mobile phones/tablets, mobile phone battery, powerbank, charging cable, headphones, and small electronic devices such as cameras andMP3 players can bring them to be dropped into the waste collection area to welcome the New Normal of life after lockdown ease in Phase 3. Anyway, every time you go out, take your E-Waste with you to throw away." Mr. Somchai concluded.

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