ThaiQuest Officially Launches Aspen Desktop After Its Introduction Was Well Received

Information Technology Press Releases Friday July 3, 2020 08:40
Bangkok--3 Jul--ThaiQuest
ThaiQuest Officially Launches Aspen Desktop After Its Introduction Was Well Received by Users – a 120% Increase in Product Subscriptions Despite the Ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

ThaiQuest Limited officially launches Aspen Desktop, following its soft launch in 2019. Since its introduction, ThaiQuest has continuously added enhancement and features to Aspen Desktop. Features such as Auto Fibonacci, Volume Profile, and Candle Stick Pattern were very well received by users, resulting in a 120% increase in year-to-date product subscriptions compared to the same period in 2019, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

ThaiQuest is the leading providers of investment and financial information platform in Thailand, with expertise in innovative development of financial information platform, technical operations and high-volume real-time data management. Jalthong Patamapongs, the company chairman stressed that Aspen Desktop is designed from the ground up to provide superior features under simple UI design, requiring minimum hardware resources, and provide cross-platform mobility on both desktop and mobile platforms. ThaiQuest has unofficially launch Aspen Desktop in 2019 and has continually added new features to both Aspen Desktop and Aspen Mobile. Some of the latest features which were very well received among users includes: Auto Fibonacci, where Aspen Desktop automatically plots Fibonacci Retracement level on price charts; Volume Profile, which plots the volume of shares traded at a specific price level on the price charts, indicating high and selling interest at specific price levels; and Candlestick Patterns, screening for stocks based on well-known pre-defined candlestick patterns. These features and other enhancement lead to a 120% increase in the subscriptions of Aspen products among individual investors during the first 5 months of 2020,comparing to the same period in 2019.

Aspen Desktop is also ThaiQuest’s demonstration of its Common Development and Service Delivery Platform, whereby all its services will be migrated to run effectively on a single delivery platform. Access to and display of information are fast and very efficient. Data are always synchronized across all services, regardless of platforms, devices and operating system, matching the lifestyle of modern investors who demand information access anywhere and anytime and on any device.

For more information or inquiries on Aspen Desktop trial, please contact 02 651 4747 ext. 789 or LINE: support.thaiquest.
About ThaiQuest

ThaiQuest is a financial technology innovator and developer with expertise in the fields of managing high-volume data in real-time. ThaiQuest has its own R&D team which specializes in designing complex software for real-time processing, the key to investment and financial information services.

ThaiQuest is also the designer, developer and owner of ThaiQuest Enterprise Search, a high-speed search engine that support both English and Thai. The software supports unlimited data storage space and can deliver search results in seconds. Winning awards from the IT Princess, TICTA, and APICTA, the software has been widely recognized domestically and across the Asia Pacific region among private and public organizations.

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