AIS joins forces with great allies "Green Phahonyothin" by raising the model network partners for the environment Create a challenge to save the world

Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday July 15, 2020 08:55
Bangkok--15 Jul--AIS

AIS joins forces with great allies "Green Phahonyothin" by raising the model network partners for the environment Create a challenge to save the world by inviting a new generation of employees to build awareness to dispose of E-Waste correctly

AIS extends the environmental project "THAIs Say No To E-Waste" by joining with 3 sectors: government, private, and the public, to participate as a network partner for campaigning to build awareness on division and disposal of E-Waste correctly. Most recently, AIS invited great allies, "Green Phahonyothin," which consists of 13 leading organizations on the Phahonyothin road to do an essential mission for the Thai environment "E-Waste The Battle." It Will be a competition to collect E-Waste for proper disposal and launch a new alliance ECOLIFE, an eco-friendly application to make fun of every waste disposal and turn every waste into points, moreover collecting and redeeming points to premiums for green people.

"Green Phahonyothin" is a group of organizations created by working in a partnership network with 13 organizations, including government and private organizations on Phahonyothin Road, consisting of Phayathai District Office, Bang Sue Police Station, Phyathai 2 Hospital, Boonterm, Royal Thai Army Television Channel 5, Government Savings Bank Head Office, Kasikorn Bank Phahonyothin Office, Krungthai Bank Soi Ari Branch, Kiatnakin Bank Phahonyothin Branch, UOB Bank Phahonyothin 8 Road Branch, Bangkok Bank Soi Aree Branch, IBM, and Exim Bank to join in the campaign to promote the division and disposal of E-Waste correctly. This challenge is the second collaboration between network partners after producing shared environmental missions in the past year.

Ms. Nattiya Poapongsakorn, Head of Sustainability, AIS   said, "As a Digital Life Service Provider with the goal stands to be a digital service provider that operates businesses with a responsibility to multiple groups of stakeholders, and taking care of the country's social, economic, and environmental responsibilities for development and growth collectively. We have focused on the management of all types of waste during the years, including the integration of concrete projects for internal employees and the general public. However, we recognized E-Waste as another type of waste that we are determined to find ways to separate and dispose of steadily. We, accordingly, set up the project "THAIs Say No To E-Waste" to facilitate the general public to bring E-Waste, including mobile phones/tablets, mobile phone batteries, power bank, charging cable, headphones, and small electronic devices such as cameras, and MP3 players to drop at E-Waste containers at AIS Shop nationwide, AIS Telewiz, Thailand Post office, Central Department Store, various universities, including condominiums and condos, totaling over 1,800 points.

Currently, "THAIs Say No To E-Waste" project can collect E-Waste for 51,786 items, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide by 517,860 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents. AIS will correctly dispose of E-Waste received from all projects using the Zero Landfill process (Waste management for reuse, which can recreate the value of them repeatedly)

The E-Waste problem is a severe difficulty for people all over the world, with increases in the amount of waste every year, which is in the opposite direction to the amount of garbage that has been adequately restricted, that leftover waste may spread toxic substances, which return to destroy the health and cause long-term disadvantageous effects on the environment. Consequently, to carry on the intention that strives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 5 million kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents or as to the correct disposal of E-Waste for 500,000 items by 2020. Accordingly, AIS created a new challenge for the environment by inviting government organizations, private and public sectors, to join the "E-Waste The Battle" challenge. Therefore, the first match will start with great allies, "Green Phahonyothin," the 13 leading organizations on Phahonyothin road.

The competition will split the organization in Green Phahonyothin into 2 teams: Team A and Team B. Both sides must invite employees, customers, or visitors to join the E-Waste collection point at each organization's collection point. Points counting will start from July to the end of December 2020, in which the winning and losing teams will receive donations and provide to selected organizations or foundations. Although, AIS will contribute to funding the Chaipattana Foundation for performance in environmental activities.

Furthermore, AIS joined with KID KID, an social organization for the environment, to bring ECOLIFE applications to facilitate competition by tracking each organization's waste disposal in real-time via the website:, and also presents a new dimension in E-Waste disposal, which will help the world and to make merit including receiving ECO POINT, a reward point for the green people and can be redeemed for premiums via the application ECOLIFE.

"This event has gained excellent cooperation from the Green Phahonyothin network organization that recognizes and understands the significance of problems caused by the transfer and disposal of E-Waste incorrectly. AIS is satisfied to be a mediator in creating networks to encourage this great partnership throughout the country. We genuinely hope that the Green Phahonyothin network organization will be a model for E-Waste management toward a stable and sustainable environment (From Green Network to Green Society)." Ms. Nattiya concluded.

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