TOT Public Company Limited Transforms its Customer Engagement Platform for the Digital Age with Genesys Cloud(TM) and AI

Information Technology Press Releases Monday September 28, 2020 09:01
Bangkok--28 Sep--Genesys

Genesys Cloud(TM) integrated with Google Cloud Contact Centre AI enhanced TOT’s contact centre and agent readiness during COVID-19; Effectively managed the surge in call volume by empowering agents to deliver impactful and personalised customer experiences

Genesys(R), the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact centre solutions, today announces that it successfully accelerated the digital transformation of state-owned Thai telecommunications and digital services provider, TOT Public Company Limited (TOT), by leveraging Genesys Cloud(TM) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The timely collaboration enabled TOT’s contact centres to effectively manage the surge in call volumes in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Genesys solutions allowed agents to operate at a much higher level of efficiency across a multitude of digital channels such as email, web chat, and social media in addition to traditional phone calls.

Challenges of Legacy Infrastructure Exacerbated by COVID-19

Prior to its collaboration with Genesys, TOT’s contact centre relied upon systems that had limited ability to serve customers seamlessly across digital channels. Some challenges experienced by TOT included lengthy waiting times and incorrect call routing due to limitations posed by its traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) mechanism, potentially contributing to disconnections and customer dissatisfaction.

However, the outbreak of COVID-19 accelerated the need for an effective digital solution. Responsible for operating government contact centres, the pandemic led to TOT receiving an increased number of calls from citizens and businesses seeking clarity on government responses. Compounding this complication were social distancing measures that limited the number of agents who could be present at TOT’s contact centres.

A confluence of the above factors placed TOT under mounting pressure to address caller concerns with empathy while maintaining high customer experience standards.
Boosting Call Centre Capabilities with Cloud and AI

Adding to the surge in call volumes was the increasing emergence of digital channels that today’s consumers use. A seamless omnichannel customer experience (CX) strategy was vital to connect with them and ensure that businesses could engage with the existing and prospective customers across a range of traditional and digital channels.

Genesys Cloud capabilities, integrated with Google Cloud Contact Centre AI (CCAI), resonated with TOT. The telecom provider needed a solution capable of scaling rapidly to meet the unexpected surges in call volume, address a constantly evolving set of requirements, optimise agent resources, and still deliver superior customer satisfaction with empathy.

Together, Genesys Cloud and Google Cloud CCAI enabled TOT to embed machine learning and conversational AI capabilities into its existing processes. Consumers reaching out from a range of channels could now interact with AI-powered virtual agents who were able to accurately capture a customer’s intent easily and accurately, routing them to the agents most well placed to handle their needs. These data-driven insights helped TOT to better anticipate customer needs in the long term, enabling it to deliver improved and more personalised customer experiences.

Delivering Impactful and Personalised Customer Experiences for the Digital Age

Operationally, Genesys was able to improve the readiness of agents with cloud technology and bring about an average reduction of 1-2 minutes for call durations by leveraging AI-powered virtual agents. Genesys technology also brought about cost savings for TOT, removing the need for TOT to invest in additional manpower, estimated to be around 1,000 additional agents.

“Genesys is honoured to assist TOT in serving the needs of local businesses and consumers, and more importantly harness technology to make lives better amidst the ongoing pandemic. We operate with a strong belief in the transformational potential of AI and Cloud technologies for modern economies. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with one of Thailand’s telecommunications pioneers to accelerate digital transformation within one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing internet economies,” said Gwilym Funnell, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Genesys Asia-Pacific.

“Customer experience remains one of the most significant measures of success for us as a government organisation. With audiences increasingly utilising digital channels, by leveraging AI and Genesys Cloud solutions, we made it a priority to modernise our contact centre infrastructure and maintain our high customer experience standards despite significant changes to customer requirements due to COVID-19. TOT and Genesys shares a common vision of improving lives with technology, and we look forward to continue serving businesses and consumers in line with Thailand’s digital transition vision with a like-minded partner,” said K. Santhiphap Phoemmongkhonsap, Senior Director, Cloud and Digital, TOT Public Company Limited.

“Artificial intelligence and powerful virtual agents are enabling new ways for businesses to reach and support their customers, a need that is growing in a virtual-first world,” said Antony Passemard, Head of Product for Conversational AI at Google Cloud. “The successful application of Google Cloud’s CCAI solution by Genesys for TOT is a tremendous example of how applied AI can help organisations digitally transform quickly, and ultimately drive stronger, more efficient experiences for their customers while maintaining control of their costs.”

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