depa Approves 2 Crucial Projects to Succeed Digital Manpower Development for Thailand’s Digital Industry

Information Technology Press Releases Wednesday October 14, 2020 11:04
Bangkok--14 Oct--Triple Eight Ideas
depa Approves 2 Crucial Projects to Succeed Digital Manpower Development for Thailand’s Digital Industry

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) has continued its commitment to providing promotions and support of digital human capital development. The depa recently approved two additional digital-driven development projects aimed at improving knowledge of digital technology of high-ranking executives of private companies in the tourism segment as well as elevating the level of vocational students’ digital literacy in the areas of data analytics, robotics and digital media and communication platforms before entering the labor market.

Dr. Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, President/CEO of depa, said one of the main missions that the depa has continuously been pushing is promoting and supporting the development of skilled digital personnel of all levels to serve the digital industry. The depa aims to create highly skilled digital workforce for the country, starting with encouraging people to embrace and adapt digital technologies and solutions via a wide variety of digital platforms and raising the level of digital literacy of students through coding platforms. The depa has also enhanced the digital competency and professional skills together with increasing digital knowledge and digital literacy of senior executives and developing Thailand’s education system.

To succeed the mission of digital human capital development, the depa’s subcommittee meeting No. 9/2020 approved a human resource development project proposed by the Phuket Tourist Association to obtain promotions and support under the depa Digital Manpower Fund. The human resource development project aims to incubate and develop digital personnel for the digital industry, targeting executives. There will a leadership training course aimed at promoting digital economy among tourism businesses.

Dr. Nuttapon added that the leadership development program to promote digital economy among tourism businesses aims to raise the level of digital literacy of executives under the Digital Manpower for Executive theme. It targets 120 senior executives of private companies and organizations in the tourism sector in the South. The leadership training course will be divided into two groups: a group of 40 executives learning through online course and a group of 80 executives learning offline. Topics in the leadership development program cover various aspects such as Data, Technology, Law, Business Administration, post-COVID-19 business management and development plans.

The depa’s subcommittee also approved promotions and support under the depa Digital Infrastructure Fund to the “I AM Digital Studio and Cloud-learning Space” project proposed by Siam Technology College, which has plans to develop learning courses in three areas, comprising Data Analytics & Data Engineering, Robotics and Digital Media.

“The digital-driven project proposed by Siam Technology College will bring changes to Thailand’s vocational education institutions. The pilot project gets off the ground at Siam Technology College, where vocational students will be upskilled through digital infrastructures, a variety of coaching and learning courses and the adoption of digital technologies. It aims to potentially elevate the level of digital literacy of vocational students before entering the labor market in the future. The central goal of the digital manpower development project is to serve as the new landscape of digital literacy to help improve digital skills for more than 6,000 students as more than 180 students stand a chance to receive certificates in the field of robotics. Over 20% or around 40 students in the accounting education curriculum are expected to be employed in the data execution related jobs per year. Meanwhile, more than two teachers per a curriculum will also receive certificates in related fields or six teachers per year. Such human resource development project will help generate skilled digital manpower in response to the rising demand in digital personnel from the target future industries, especially the robotics and digital industry.” President/CEO of depa said.

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